How would the Mario cast act in regular situation

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A good strength of a fictional world is being able to see the characters react in ordinary situations, so, think of how the cast would act in a normal life

I can see Peach and Daisy loving going to the beach

The bros make it a point to go to the grocery store when their baby selves are around so they can ride in the car carts

Waluigi pirates all of WarioWare's games because he's too broke to just buy them and is sometimes spiteful due Wario's occasional mistreatment of him

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Bowser Jr.'s a total gamer. Whenever he's not doing schemes with his dad, he's playing all the latest video games. As long as Bowser permits them, of course, cause he has the power of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™.

When Bowser lets him play online, he's that annoying little kid with the high voice that joins a game full of adults and claims to be related to some big shot. Except this time, the annoying little kid actually is related to a big shot. No one believes him though.

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To add to Gamer Junior, it's my headcanon that him and Diddy hang out sometimes, because Diddy's a total geek, he loves cool things like music, gaming, sports, and he's in many fandoms. They hang out sometimes, they're sort of friends, but they don't entirely get along. While Diddy is more of a fanatic to the franchises, appreciating the awesomeness of the arts/activities themselves, Junior is all about how cool himself is, even when he's appreciating other things, he's imagining himself wielding said things. Regardless, they have fun together, and create many hijinks.


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The bros make it a point to go to the grocery store when their baby selves are around so they can ride in the car carts
I think they just outright take care of their baby selves. So they do baby things, like feed them, play toys with them, hug them, and take them to parks and fun stuff.

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Man I typed up a response months ago on how Mario characters would deal with ugly bugs in the house.

Waluigi keeps spiders so he can use them to spy on Luigi just to see what nefarious deed Luigi is up and tries to steal Luigi tennis techniques but it just freaks out Luigi especially when Mario squishes them with his hands and now Luigi has an extra pair of gloves with spider bits to wash.

Oh, and Mario usually tries to be flashy when he wants to eliminate insects like trying out Action Commands on them even if he's wearing just socks and doesn't have Multibounce equipped.
Furthermore on the subjects of how Mario characters would react to creepy crawlies in the house, I imagine Peach is the type that would lecture her friends about how nice spiders are and are beneficiaries of the ecosystem but Daisy really doesn't care and would gladly use insect spray and also remark that Waluigi's shops are probably full of them, so "if you love them so much, why doesn't you try living with them?".

Rosalina doesn't really touch insects, but there's one thing she can't stand, and that's silverfish, because silverfish love old books and I imagine Rosalina's library is full of old books.

Toadette is the type who want absolutely nothing with any creepy crawlie and would scream to Toad for help.

Wiggler absolutely freaks out over spiders and wasps even though she probably doesn't realize that wasps control the pests in the garden Wiggler always seems to tend.

I think Wario is that person who'd eat bugs or try selling them for money.

Bowser, who doesn't really care about the state of his castle, is cruel to bugs and gives magnifying glasses to Bowser Jr., Bowser Jr. is like his dad but Bowser Jr. loves playing "pretend the bug is Mario" which isn't really fair to the bug, but such is the unfairness of life, I guess. Kamek really thinks this is all petty, but he's also probably tasked cleaning the castle regularly so Kamek has to deal with a ton of spiderwebs and all, which isn't too bad because he has house-keeping magic that even Peach would be jealous of (and Kamek has nice, dainty laundry to tend to, so learning such powers is mandatory for him).

Dry Bones absolutely hates it when flies and ants try using its skull as a nesting place, but wouldn't go out of its way to kill them. Aside from that, Dry Bones actually doesn't mind bugs and all because it spent a lot of getting to know the bugs in the soil long after it was dead anyway.
You might think Toad is scared of bugs, but he's not since he keeps his house and Peach's castle clean. He uses bug spray and A LOT of tissue because he still doesn't like touching them. He doesn't care about Peach's lectures either.

Yoshi would probably eat bugs. Housekeeping. This grosses out Mario and Luigi even if Yoshi is trying to help Mario, who's jammed between furniture trying to pick up dispatched bugs behind the furniture.

Diddy Kong isn't too scared of bugs. He usually doesn't care about them crawling around, but if others ask, he will smack them full on with his quick and agile hands.

Donkey Kong likes bugs, thinks they're his friends, and tries talking to them. He got bitten by spiders a lot of times, who don't know what the heck this oversized creature is doing. This massively annoys Diddy Kong.

Metal Mario is very fascinated by bugs and always tries to identify them, even their remains. He doesn't care if bugs crawl on his lap or eyeballs, as long as he can get a good view of them.

Pauline doesn't mind bugs and will trap them in a jar and take them outside. If she doesn't have a jar, she'll try picking one up with a newspaper.

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Any time "real life situation" gets brought up, we should always discuss... the DMV. Which is notorious for its wait times and a bunch of desks you have to go to, which might not even be the correct one. (tbh I never found it too bad)

Since the Mushroom Kingdom has very lenient driver laws, you'll often find kids waiting in there. They'll all impatient as heck, so they're probably playing on their PSPs and smartphones. Bowser Jr. (when not being an epic gamer on Monster Hunter, which is one of Jr.'s favorite games mind you) would keep complaining to Bowser when they're next while Bowser would seem to be the guy who doesn't take no when doesn't have the right paperwork. Bowser would try to throw one of the DMV workers through a wall in frustration. It gets worse when Bowser brings the Koopalings over, since the Koopalings are so reckless, they can shut down the DMV for a day, which severely annoys everyone.

Peach would wait properly and stuff, probably reading a nice romance novel that involves crashed weddings and all. Daisy, on the other hand, really hates the DMV, so she'd watch the TV screens really bored and making sarcastic remarks. Peach always remembers to bring the paperwork, but Daisy usually forgets one piece of paper and... well, you can imagine the frustration of that. Peach and Daisy always schedules an appointment before arriving. Peach and Daisy get proper regal treatment, so they get priority, though Peach has insisted to wait in line like everyone else, much to Daisy's annoyance.

Toad always waits patiently. Toadette always accompanies him, and since they can have a good, quiet conversation about anything, they usually don't need anything besides each other. Both are proper and outstanding citizens of Mushroom Kingdom, so they tend to get what they need very quickly. Their conversations tend to range from daily life, what to cook, current events, politics, the weather, cars, party games, and the internet.

Waluigi cannot prove residence so he just fabricates papers and is always rude to everyone, complaining about everything. He complains about the bureaucracy, he complains about papers, he complains about not being truly freedom. He's kinda like a sovereign citizen, except not dangerous. He's usually kicked out by security and tends to be arrested after complaining about the police for insisting he provides proper documentation. Wario does bring paper work, but they're always mysteriously soggy and stained, while being folded hastily in Wario's overalls. The DMV really hates processing through Wario's documents, and Wario often fills responses with "PFFFFFTTT" (like when registering for a political party).

Diddy Kong has to do all the work while Donkey Kong tries to assault a water dispenser because he thinks it's a banana. Diddy has to prevent Donkey from eating the papers, which Donkey Kong also thinks they're bananas. Diddy gets bored really fast, so I can imagine him hopping up the chairs and stuff, probably causing disruption. Diddy Kong also brings bananas to eat. Donkey makes a huge mess and Diddy has to clean up after him. Diddy Kong moves around a lot, so he's often at the water dispenser.

Mario brings a lot of things to the DMV, being plumbing magazines, Italian food recipe books (since he usually plans on cooking after the wait), and even his own tools because he often asks the DMV people around if the plumbing needs any work. Mario often attracts attention and is a bit disappointed he doesn't get special treatment when waiting in line. However, Mario never uses the things he has because he just sleeps, complete with a book covering his face, and he snores loud. Luigi just tries to quietly read a book, probably on critical theory. Luigi doesn't mind the DMV that much, actually likes it since it gives him an excuse to finish that book for once.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi do apply for drivers licenses and they pass the test with flying colors, outdoing even Luigi. They are terrible at waiting in the DMV, however, so Luigi gives them PSPs. Bowser Jr., however, doesn't come at the same time as them because Bowser can't stand Mario and Luigi, so epic gamer moments are sorely missed. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi love to play Wipeout 2048, and they're secretly hoping baby versions of the vehicles get playable in a future Wipeout game.

Yoshi doesn't know what a DMV is, so Birdo, who acts kinda like an older sister, has to explain to Yoshi about all the processes and stuff. Yoshi never seems to quite remember, but at least he doesn't end up eating all the chairs. Yoshi probably just draws in his spare time, bringing a lot of paint and a small handheld canvas and always trying to paint a rainbow of fruit. Birdo just tries doing makeup, and if you aim for perfection, time will fly, so Birdo never feels like she waits forever.

Pauline is used to being at the DMV since she's a mayor and all, and she needs to fill out papers constantly. She's very proper and organized, though she can accidentally take a pen from the DMV because she's so accustomed to carrying pens around. She cannot be in the same place as Donkey Kong because Donkey Kong would think she's a banana. Pauline brings New York snacks with her, whatever the stereotype says about New Yorker snacks, and she gets mistakened for a stereotypical New Yorker even though it's obvious she's a New Donker.

Mini Marios have to stack on top of each other to access any of the desks. They're actually armed to the brim and want to sabotage the DMV, but they attempt it through waiting in line, filling out papers, listening to the DMV workers.

Goombas also stack on top of each other to access desks, but since they have wildly different personalities, being a very diverse group of individuals, I don't want to stereotype them and get accused of being speciesist, just stating a necessity for all Goombas, Para Goombas, however, don't have this hurdle, but flying does get tiring.

Rosalina has the patience of a 100-year old woman, but she does try writing astronomer research papers in her spare time. Rosalina does have quite a few books, but this often just bores the Lumas (which Rosalina must tend to). Rosalina cannot arrive at the same time as Princess Peach because it'll confuse everyone. Rosaline is often found at the water dispenser.

Metal Mario can wait an entire year inside the DMV (which never happens, of course) and still not care if he has to be redirected to another line.

Wiggler hates the DMV because all the chairs were designed for bipeds. She pretty much has to sit on the floor to wait, and that floor can get pretty cold. She's complaining to this day, and the DMV people often have to carry a shield when she's around because the DMV is very prone to ticking Wiggler off, and you don't want to tick off Wiggler.

Pipes are installed all over the place. This is because Piranha Plants cannot access the desks otherwise. Some Piranha Plants do bring their own pipes, but not all Piranha Plants can afford such a luxury. Piranha Plants usually spit out the required papers, complete in crumped ball form; just imagine Ptooie Piranha Plants and you have a very accurate mental image of how I see them at the desks.

Petey Piranha has to do everything outside because the ceilings are way too low, and the TV screens just get in the way. Petey Piranha gets a ticket and then waits outside. Petey Piranha can vomit when distressed, so when people see Petey, they usually have to use their windshield wipers A LOT once they leave, and car washes suddenly become more busy.

Dry Bones can get bored, surprisingly, but Dry Bones can be entertained if it juggles its head. It did have proper papers maybe even its death certificate, but they're probably decomposed by now, which the DMV doesn't accept as valid.

Shy Guy would just sit there and wave papers around, dancing, while no one at the DMV can understand his mysterious gesticulations. Green Shy Guys (particularly those with top hats, wink), however, love the DMV because that means it allows them to drive. They often arrive enthusiastically on roller blades and cause a ruckus.
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