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Do you have quirks?

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Everyone has their own gaming quirks.
For me,
  • When I play Skyward Sword, I always come to Sky to fame my game. I seldom use the bird statues on the surface.
  • When I play Twilight princess I always warp to Hyrule castle before saving the game.
  • In super Mario Bros I always return to world 1 even after I 100%ed it (all star-coins too)
  • I always pick up either Zelda or King DeeDee in Smash. While you could definitely explain why I pick Zelda☺. I dunno why I use DeeDee
  • I always tend to use Dry Bowser, Bowser and Bowser Jr. in Mariokart
  • There must be at least one Dragon type pokémon in my team, else I loose


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I'll hit the save button two or three times in Animal Crossing or Pokemon, as if it'll help the game make certain it's saved

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When there's multiple save files, I never pick the first save file.

Also, I turn off BGM if I can.


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I always try to return to the title screen before quitting the game, regardless of what that game might be.

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i'll create 5 saves files or however many i can if the game doesnt allow that many
even though if i do lose one file i'll probably lose the rest too lol

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I remember when I played Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, I would start the game without signing in, just so I could press start on the title screen.
In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, I only ever saved at save points, despite the fact the game can be saved at any point.
B to run is my preferred way to play Mario games.


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I like to have my characters relax at scenic places. Even in simplistic games like Mario, sometimes I'll just watch the water flow or enemies do their thing, etc

I like when some games know people like me like to do this, and make designated sight-seeing spots.

I like used like a lot in this post, like, a lot. Maybe I'm, like, a valley girl nossie.

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I did the multiple saves thing when I was a kid. Nowadays I only do it if I think there's a chance to miss something.

In Pokemon R/B/Y and G/S/C, I would save after every level up after losing progress due to not saving. In Leaf Green I would always save in a Pokecenter when reasonable and I would stand in the center of the Pokeball.

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Which reminds me: in Pokemon I kill every wild encounter I see. There are no exceptions. I would often rest back at the Pokemon Center if I needed my PP back.

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Oh yeah, that's probably an exception. But other than that, I kill them: I don't use repels nor do I run away.


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Whenever something feels easy I can start to play recklessly, which often leads to messing up stupidly.

Also when I have to make a choice in a game I feel like I need to save because I'm terrified of picking a wrong answer.

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In Super Smash Bros., I generally play the 4th slot rather than the 1st slot like most people.

And I do this in other games that let you do this. The results can look interesting, different from the typical p1 or p1 vs p2 setups most of you see.



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In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, I only ever saved at save points, despite the fact the game can be saved at any point.
Forgot to mention, I do this too. Same applies to Paper Jam (at heart blocks since there are no save blocks) and Superstar Saga DX.

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
I'm such an item hoarder. I'm super stingy with my currency, and when I spend it, I try as hard as I can to not use the items I buy. I always have backup items, but I'll probably never use them because I have this weird thing against completely depleting my stock of an item.

Also, I have a tendency to quit games right before big boss fights because boss fights stress me out way too much. I'll only do them if they are easy or if there are little to no consequences for losing.


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i find stuff like this interesting!!
i like to show off. just try doing some cool tricks for the heck of it even if they dont really help me like play the game. i constantly do cap dives in mario odyssey for example
also mashing the crouch button for no reason. often when i kill an enemy lmao. and also to music if the crouch comes out fast enough in the game
spinning in place just because i can


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-for bosses that can be killed too easily, I use weak attacks on them so I can see all of the bosses moves
-i talk to every npc, twice. And explore everywhere.
-i read the game manuals in hopes of secrets and extra content

-i like to stim in some games by making my character "dance" by moving around erratically and jump/attack about, especially in multiplayer when I'm waiting for the others to catch up
-i sometimes try pacifist runs on platformers such as mario, sonic, and kirby,
or more usually, I spare enemies that are just minding their own business

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Using Peach as much as possible in SPM

Using Vivian as much as possible in TTYD

Having certain combos in SPM, e.g. Boomer goes with Peach and no-one else, Thoreau goes with Mario, Dottie goes with Bowser, Barry with Luigi.

Trying to save using save blocks only even if I have access to save states (thanks Wii U VC). Similarly I reset the game every time I reload it on Wii U VC to try and make it feel more like I'm playing the OG game.

Ever since I was a child I've always done Free Play in Mario Party 9 (listening to that game's OST rn it's so good, so much nostalgia) with Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, and Koopa Troopa. I usually play as Daisy and Yoshi = Easy COM, Birdo = Med COM, Koopa = Hard COM. I still have to unlock master but I will use that once I get it as it's way too easy right now even if I crank them all up to very hard.