Things that suck about.... any Mario game.


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How do you derive the name "Mario Story" from a papercraft artstyle?

Well, that's besides the point anyway because Paper Mario 64 is undoubtedly a game which was intended to have more powerful story elements than most games in the franchise and whilst I get the impression it succeeded in that in many ways, having Bowser as the main villain imo is not one of them.


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The same way Yoshi story did. It looks like a pop up book.

And it may have more story elements than most Mario games but that's really not saying anything and even by rpg standards the Paper Mario stories are pretty weak.


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Repost from my TheTopTens Remix:
"I can read a book about a tragic love tale, and that has a sad and good story, but of course it does, you expect it to. But to see this in a Mario game is entirely surreal and this remains one major reason why I love this game [SPM]."

So sure Paper Mario isn't the best place in the world to get a deep story but it just isn't replaceable by books or films. And FYI, I'm not into any RPGs besides Mario RPGs and Ocarina of Time.

Haven't played Yoshi's story but OK.
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Well I'm not going to derail this topic anymore than I have already but I'm just going to say I absolutely hate SPM and it's melodramatic generic story and leave it at that.


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As for things which suck in Mario games:
  • SM64 is sort of hard but not really in a good way, I spent so long scanning every inch of the castle to find the wing cap and after all that it was looking at a light on the ceiling!? Even after Noki Bay in Super Mario Sunshine (which, btw I played before SM64) I never would have thought of that and I can't say I enjoyed looking for it.

I think that's one bad thing about every Mario game I own.
That light thing was a cue at least? I mean, the ceiling does cast a light at some point in the game. Anyhow, it's a classic "secret", and you're the first one to complain how cryptic it is. I can imagine it can be cryptic, but you can't say there's at least a hint for it, it's not as seemingly random as you make it out to be.


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Eh, I never really noticed the fact that there was no light when I had nine stars and there was light when I had ten and I never would have thought that it was a secret entrance to a level.

More generally, I prefer to have a challenge in that I know what to do and it actually takes skill and practise to do it like The Perfect Run, rather than just continuously scanning a single location to try to find something hidden. I find Super Mario 64 gives me the latter kind of challenge more often than the former.


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Out of curiosity, I sincerely don't mean this as an attack as I had a similar experience: were you a child when you last played it? I got lost in N64/PS1 games a lot when I was young, when I revisited them at an older age I found it was more straightforward than I previously thought. If not, it's still understandable to miss a hint or two, everyone does occasionally.

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I only played Super Mario 64 briefly before I dropped it and I don't plan on picking it up again any time soon (UNLESS of course the mods!)

I've got the better variant where I can play as Luigi and Wario anyhow so.


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I assume you mean Super Mario 64 DS
I intend to get that now that I have a 3DS in VG condition since I wouldn't have been able to play it on my DS Lite which has a very worn down D-pad. However I am aware that even though I will be able to use the circle pad the game still treats it as digital input so I can only move in 8 directions in one speed. Hopefully the new courses and characters will make up for it 😃