SSBU Presidential Election

Based on the campaigns in the replies, who do you vote for?

  • Piranha Plant's "grass roots" proposal

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Doctor Mario's "vitamin healthcare" plans

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • (I'm waiting for more candidates)

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • "sticking to switch" Luigi

    Votes: 4 57.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Ness says acab.
*note: don't bring irl politics into this*

Master Hand is retiring, Every fighter on the roster is campaigning to take his place as Final Boss, who do you cast your vote to and why?

Things to consider..
- how will your choice fight as Final Boss?
- if the final boss gets to design the next Smash, what does your fighter promise to do to make the next game better?
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Piranha Plant, he will create a bullet-hell version of Ptooie and when low health he summons Petey.

Plant will cut all fire-using fighters and replace them with plants with similar moves, like Fire Piranha Plant and Fire Flower, whose item slot is now taken by the cut Bowser. All fighters who use water are buffed and their attacks heal the plants.

The new stage will be New York City but overrun by plants.


Ness says acab.
Piranha Plants starts off the debate with a bold well thought "grass-roots" proposal!

What will the other candidates bring to the table?
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Ness says acab.
A healthcare plan, one could imagine its focused on vitamins! Sounds promising, I wonder what the doctor's tier lists would entail?

And what other candidates have to say!


Yellow Gooigi paisano
Luigi, he does absolutely nothing and once the player attacks him Yellow Gooigi come out on nowhere and immediately KOs them


Ness says acab.
Sticking to Switch, Luigi?! This kind soul's a true fan of the decade folks. But now with more goo!

Will any more candidates take the stand?


Ness says acab.
*kirby has been given the mic*
Indeed Kirby could make a spectacular boss! Now, without him yelling into the mic, what would he have to say for changes he'd make to the next Smash if he were to win?
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Paper Moldomré

(Mole-dome-ray). Emphasis on "dome" despite the é.
Yoshi would add more food items to the next Smash game. As a boss, he'll hire Kamek to make him big like Baby Bowser from the OG Yoshi's Island and throw giant eggs (which you could jump on to get to Yoshi and hit him on the nose to deal damage).

If he was becoming president of a nation then he'd try his best to eliminate tax fraud.


Ness says acab.
Does Yoshi even know what taxes are? lol perhaps RPG Yoshi does? :3
-is imagining taxes in Mario Party though-

Update: I need to sleep on this thread, I will try to catch up with everyone on it tomorrow~ thank you for participating! feel free to add more meanwhile~

Also feel free to help me make slogans for the poll lol


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Kirby Super Star
- "Kirby, you have to stop the sun and moon from fighting! ...Nah, just kidding. I WILL RULE POPSTAR!"

Kirby Super Star Ultra - "I'm dead! Wait, I just absorbed a piece of Nova! I'm not dead! Oh no, my soul form was just destroyed by Kirby! I'm dead!"

Kirby Mass Attack - "Guess what? I'm not dead! Ha ha ha ha! I will destroy you!"

Kirby Star Allies - "I'll help you if you feed me...nah, just kidding. I'M STILL EVIL! HA HA HA HA!"

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - "You really thought I was done, you pink fool? I'm never done! I will always return! I am immortal! Invincible! And...EVIL!"

Presidential Election - "Make me president! I'm totally not evil, by the way. You can trust everything I say! And I pledge to invite Bandana Waddle Dee to the next Smash game! Won't I be such a great, truthful, non-evil president? He he he he..."
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You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.

- As the Final Boss, he will not fight a dirty battle. As he uses the Divine Sword Ragnell, he gives you its sister blade, Alondite, basically a silver version of it! (Except that you will need an S Rank in swords to use it, meaning you most likely need to be a swordsman with lotsa experience with a sword).

- Ike will add many characters from different races into the next game, and advertise them in such a way that everyone likes them equally. Boom. Ike ends racism.


Ness says acab.

I'm thinking to make the poll fair, I'm going to close it, and this thread will be to Enlist Candidates, and then once there's enough candidates enlisted, there'll be a part 2 thread where we can vote