What would be a good way to differentiate Kamek from the other Magikoopas, design-wise?


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Kamek is often viewed as the villain of the Yoshi series of games, since he is often the instigator of the trouble set on Yoshi's natural habitat. Now here's the thing: Kamek is a Magikoopa, which is an enemy that's introduced in Super Mario World. The point is, Kamek doesn't look any different from any normal Magikoopa. The only distinction from another character like Yoshi and Birdo is that he has a name that differentiates himself from the rest of the Magikoopas, whereas the characters I mentioned have either "the Yoshi" or "the Birdo" or their identical species. In fact, in Mario Party 9, it doesn't make any difference even if it's just replacing "Kamek" with "Magikoopa". Even on the Mario Wiki currently, they used the same render:


Certain characters who has an accompanying species do manage to have something to differentiate themselves. For example, Toad has a red cap and a blue vest, which may not sound like much but it does go a long way in making him THE Toad. Bowser Jr. is very much identical to Baby Bowser but his scarf has a crudely drawn mouth. So what does that leave us with Kamek?

(Just for fun: seeing this image below at first glance, I thought that the characters are a random Magikoopa and Bowser Jr. respectively)

My idea is that Kamek should have a more intimidating colour to differentiate him from the other Magikoopas, such as a crimson or blacker tone, despite the fact that usually Kamek is the only Magikoopa in Yoshi games. Another idea is to give him a larger wand and thicker glasses for seniority purposes.

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if they're going to give this douche his own unique design, may as well give toad, yoshi, and boom boom their own too

why do we have two separate articles on boom boom again? it's like giving the playable koopa troopa in the mario games his own article.


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Need one he does not. If anything I'd just get rid of the run of the mill magikoopas, they barely do much of anything these days.