How many times have you beaten the original Super Mario Bros.?


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I can’t get past the 2nd level

Because the time runs out for the Masterpieces Trial in Brawl, and I’ve never really bothered getting this game


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I beat it once in Normal Mode with no Warp Zones, but had to use that Continue Cheat like I never have before.

I attempted it in Hard Mode, with Warp Zones of course, but I never got past 8-3. Dang, I hate that level.


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I have never even played it, much less beaten it. I don't have much incentive to play it today, especially with the likes of New Super Mario Bros. around.


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I beat Normal Mode and Hard Mode once, but I played the Super Mario All-Stars version which saves after you beat each world, and I had to do the infinite lives trick in World 3-1. But I didn't use any Warp Zones.


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Once, and you can bet your boots I used the Continue cheat (or should I say, the feature they didn't tell you about so they could sell you strategy guides). No Warp Zones though. Also, it was on an actual NES (SMB/Duck Hunt cart of course).


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Twice. Once on my own and once along with three of my siblings. Both times within the last year or so. I used to play it all the time as a kid but never beat it back then.


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Many times.

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The version I beat wasn't official, it was the one where you could select between different game franchise protagonists.

I kind of assumed that as Mario, it was just like the original but there were probably still differences. But I ran through that a lot on a school laptop in high school. I'm not sure if I've beaten the genuine NES version before. I have it and have played it but by the time I owned it I had more interest in the current games so idk.


I first beat it when playing Super Mario Bros Deluxe and I have since beat the original NES version and the All Stars version.

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Who's counting? As a kid I beat that (and Lost Levels) without continues. Though it's not really something on my interest-radar, I grew up with an NES in the house and that game happened to be lying around. (It was the duel cartridge with Duck Hunt)

maybe 3 or 4 times? i really dont remember. ive beaten smb2 way more times and even then i have No idea how many. i miss it i wanna play it again when i get nes online
Nice! American or Japanese SMB2? I couldn't get far in Subcon, I think I got to W3 or W4 at most.. Idk why but it was more challenging to me than SMB1 & Lost Levels.