What's your favorite Mario Odyssey kingdom?

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I love the Metro Kingdom! You can get around the city super fast using a scooter! It also has lots of references to the Donkey Kong series, including street signs, and graffiti murals that have Pauline on them.

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Metro Kingdom mostly because I'm a huge sucker for large bustlin' cities.

And it helped spawn this meme


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Lost Kingdom is cool, you can get from A to B quickly while still having a lot to explore.

Metro Kingdom does this but on a bigger scale so I also like that one.


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slaps table WOODED KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love everything abot it except deep woods (though deep woods do have some realley unique moons which is neat i guess)
steam gardens is pretty as heck, fun to explore, the music SLAPS but you all know that, it has uproots, also shoutouts to every steam gardener out there theyre Very Good
luncheon is my second favortie its so colorful omg
i actually sorted every kingdom... if you wanna know any of that
1. wooded kingdom - very pretty and fun to explore, the music is fantastic, uproots are just Fun, deep woods while its just ok has some nice unique moons. steam gardeners are very goode

2. luncheon kingdom - i love the aesthetic its so colorful. fairly large. volbonans are my friends

3. sand kingdom - very big, lots of room to explore though feels empty at times. tostarenans are also my friends

4. metro kingdom - fun to explore too. especially hopping between buildings when you know the Advanced Techniques

5. snow kingdom - as a russian im obligated to like it. shiverians are amazing and this is just Neate.

6. seaside kingdom - looks nice, very unique boss and gushens are fun to play around with. finding regional coins kinda sucks here though

7. mushroom kingdom - nice callbacks but i wish the toads had more variety and didnt all look the same (you already have the textures bruh!!)

8. cap kingdom - nice aesthetic, i love bonneters a lot, but otherwise i just wish there was more to it

9. bowser kingdom - very unique but something feels lacking. pokios are fun as heck to play with. the best part is when the more intense music kicks in

10. cascade kingdom - the music is so good omg . fairly fun to explore but otherwise not too much to it

11. moon kingdom - the best part is def the moon caverns the music is a banger and its fun to play through (i did that a lot). the rest is just ok/neat. some interesting lore here too

12. lake kingdom - i love it but it felt very short with not too much to do

13. darker side - hard but fun as HECK thats about it

14. lost kingdom - very nice aesthetics and exploring is pretty fun.. i like it

15. dark side - the broodal fights are hell but robobrood with hammer bros is pretty fun and the edited subareas are pretty interesting too.. thats about it

16. ruined kingdom - very interesting lore and looks interesting too but has a TON of missed potential. theres Nothing to explore

17. cloud kingdom - like ruined kingdom but even less to explore and it doesnt look as interesting to boot. theres even less to explore its just 3 platforms
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I've had the most enjoyment from the Sand Kingdom. Also, there's a lot of Power Moons really close to each other in the town (three from planted seeds, one in the roof, one in the fountain, a flagpole that gives out more coins than moons, and several regional coins), so it's really easy to grab a lot of coins in a short amount of time. But there's a lot of room to ride Jaxi, the cacti are always fun to destroy (especially when they make that Super Mario World 2 sound effect), the ambiance does its job by not grating your ears by 5 minutes, and I like the contrasting ice underground areas. I think I've spent most time in the Sand Kingdom compared to everything else, just feels like there's more to do. Also, I can make Mario in an inner tube or at least make him cook in a Parka or something.