zelen posts her art every saturday :}

zelen !!

actual spore creature
did you know i do not use the bbcode editor thats built in into the post maker i just type and then copy paste the bbcode manually
here. have a front view

starbound mod funny

creachure idea that popped into my head
its something like a quadrupedal (like a pterosaur) microraptorine, but with other bird traits like a beak and a shorter tail. not sure how efficient it would be at taking off and flying compraed to a regular bird now that i think about it

random birt (not exist)

compiled all the customization so far from the starbound mod. well for the plumage and face options at least. i actually forgot one of the face options oops

heres a steller since it has been exaclty a year sicne i got into angry brids again and i started then with playing angry birds stella again

saw some footage of angry birds reloaded recently and it kind of delighted me how loud matilda was but its also funny because None of her sprites Fit that

odd hexapods and bipeds

the height difference
hi page 9

zelen !!

actual spore creature
not a lot this week but
silly redraw

i dont think piggy island really has hedgehogs on it

this was in response to a joke but the pig ended up looking surprisingly cute for how often i draw pigs (very rarely)

admittedly this looked better in my head

i just made this for a test for an adventure to see how a creature would work covering the widest area possible but the creature turned out kinda cute

and finally a dragin

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i have a lot HERE however
first of all here is a goodra redesign or something. bc the original design is kind of weird in some ways
futher notes on the design
- its dragon/poison now but friendly. building off of how sliggoo just dissolves things to eat them
- also its stated that sliggoo is losing its eyes so instead of goodra randomly regaining anime eyes i made it lose the eyes entirely. now there is a cute little fringe look. the green spots have relocated back to the cheeks though
- also the shell fully develops instead of only just sliggoo having it and then goodra randomly losing it
- the wings are kinda out of nowhere admittedly. if you wanted a smoother transition there. imagine sliggoo as exactly the same but with little wing nubs
- this one can probably fly but not like. have the levitate ability necessarily
- oh yeah the wings are from the blue dragon sea slug
- hopefully this looks enough like a pseudo legendary?

random bird doodles

the first time ive drawn mario in a whole dang year it was just in response to a challenge to draw ddr render mario with a mouse on ms paint with no undos in five minutes (took significantly less time)

random mysims dinosaur

i love beetles. sometimes you look soemwhere and just find this

so ive been wanting to draw fancy pants man for a while here he is. surprised i could replicate the vibe of the og art p well. The poses arent very good though

this just manifested in my head

dumb bug mc spear face again with a few more design tweaks (mostly smoothing out the back of her head)

and then this was based on a couple of bird island screenshots

bird behavior



Koopa Troopa
I know this might be an odd detail to ask about, but where do you get the font from for the text in the Angry Birds cartoons? Are you typing it, or are the letters also drawn individually?