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actual spore creature
did you know i do not use the bbcode editor thats built in into the post maker i just type and then copy paste the bbcode manually
here. have a front view

starbound mod funny

creachure idea that popped into my head
its something like a quadrupedal (like a pterosaur) microraptorine, but with other bird traits like a beak and a shorter tail. not sure how efficient it would be at taking off and flying compraed to a regular bird now that i think about it

random birt (not exist)

compiled all the customization so far from the starbound mod. well for the plumage and face options at least. i actually forgot one of the face options oops

heres a steller since it has been exaclty a year sicne i got into angry brids again and i started then with playing angry birds stella again

saw some footage of angry birds reloaded recently and it kind of delighted me how loud matilda was but its also funny because None of her sprites Fit that

odd hexapods and bipeds

the height difference
hi page 9


actual spore creature
not a lot this week but
silly redraw

i dont think piggy island really has hedgehogs on it

this was in response to a joke but the pig ended up looking surprisingly cute for how often i draw pigs (very rarely)

admittedly this looked better in my head

i just made this for a test for an adventure to see how a creature would work covering the widest area possible but the creature turned out kinda cute

and finally a dragin


actual spore creature
i have a lot HERE however
first of all here is a goodra redesign or something. bc the original design is kind of weird in some ways
futher notes on the design
- its dragon/poison now but friendly. building off of how sliggoo just dissolves things to eat them
- also its stated that sliggoo is losing its eyes so instead of goodra randomly regaining anime eyes i made it lose the eyes entirely. now there is a cute little fringe look. the green spots have relocated back to the cheeks though
- also the shell fully develops instead of only just sliggoo having it and then goodra randomly losing it
- the wings are kinda out of nowhere admittedly. if you wanted a smoother transition there. imagine sliggoo as exactly the same but with little wing nubs
- this one can probably fly but not like. have the levitate ability necessarily
- oh yeah the wings are from the blue dragon sea slug
- hopefully this looks enough like a pseudo legendary?

random bird doodles

the first time ive drawn mario in a whole dang year it was just in response to a challenge to draw ddr render mario with a mouse on ms paint with no undos in five minutes (took significantly less time)

random mysims dinosaur

i love beetles. sometimes you look soemwhere and just find this

so ive been wanting to draw fancy pants man for a while here he is. surprised i could replicate the vibe of the og art p well. The poses arent very good though

this just manifested in my head

dumb bug mc spear face again with a few more design tweaks (mostly smoothing out the back of her head)

and then this was based on a couple of bird island screenshots

bird behavior



I know this might be an odd detail to ask about, but where do you get the font from for the text in the Angry Birds cartoons? Are you typing it, or are the letters also drawn individually?


actual spore creature
i just got the fonts from the apks for the games you can just unpack them with winrar and then itll be in assets/fonts


actual spore creature
and back to not much
went on a spree though the first two were from a few days ago. the first row is from spore creatures (half npcs, half player creatures), then four based on real life animals, and then one willosaur-like at the end

testing out a thinner brush in ms paint since i found out you can increase or decrease their sizes beyond what the ui allows

random birts

and this one. i screwed this up somewhere


actual spore creature
almost forgor

ANOTHER tweak of this dang oc design i removed her green feathers outright (also DIRT is there)

yeah (vaguely based on a thing from https://perchance.org/incorrect-quote-generator )

also attempt at drawing matilda in a flash game of all things but this was bad

august 17th has been assigned as reds birthday (alongside the release date of the first game yeah its just both red said so on twitter) so i had to draw something for it. he said he wanted red velvet cake on discord. so i went with that

creatureS and also an outfit for one ive made recently

thinking about the new angry birt game we (as in the angry birds community as aa whole) just found out about yesterday
The outfits in there were just hats so i gave the banana a cloak also a different hat fgrom a different game
(yesterday as in the 18th)


actual spore creature
oh oops idk what to writehere
dragons again

i messed up chucks face bad but this is another take at the more speculative biology kind of angry birds thing where the birds are weird enantiornithes

drew matilda from dream blast and from summer madness again bc i just wanted to. the latter i did less color tweaking to than i expected but trying to replicate the artstyle of the show was kinda fun

MORE TRANSFORMICE FUR SUGGESTIONS this ones trying to replicate how mice look in the actual official artwork of the game

Angry Shang

The Shadow Prince
Gothilda and the dragon at the end of August 27th are my top two here.


actual spore creature
the week of various weird dinosaur things
first of this week isnt partic great. i was going to draw more blued but then they suddenly dropped the mario rabbids rayman thing and i got too distracted to draw further

fancy pants man again but the customization i use in world 1 remix

had an idea and just pulled off a whole comic enjoy

a skydancer (from flight rising) drawn from memory now with more gremlin vibes


yet another tweak of these now they are even more like weird eyestalk dinosaurs. because of that i decided recently that their hatchlings will actually be named chicks

made in https://www.makewordart.com/

a cockatrice or basilisk or whatever theyre kinda interchangeable

redrew a weird old creature from 2015 but the features it had like the wings and umbrella tail are actcually built in instead of like. appearing

this is even funnier if you consider the official comci where blues go through a haunted house and get scared of absolutely nothing


actual spore creature
assortment of whatevers (((mostly angry birds though)))
yea so. i was talking with people about official angrybird models and it made me go and make my own with EYE OUTLINES

this is if you move the tail for accuracy its very off to the side in actuality

this also came from a convo

more worldbuilding

tux paint random orbs with the same brush just different spacing

movie silvers design PISES ME OFF!!! So i tried tweakin it to look more appealing also i grabbed hte color scheme mostly from how she looks sometimes in angry birds dream blast

flight rising spiral hopping kinda doodle

i was lookiing at bat pics (multiple species) and i like their little snouts


actual spore creature
scibbles post should be up soon
dragon guy

other dragon guys

nebula scribblys that look better if you zoom out
but you can also look at it up close and see how its made

more dream blast matilda

happy halloween today though i drew this yesterday (a number of things already entered hallowen time yesterday so)

and more for the au qhere the birds are sapient enantiornithes. heres bubbles bomb and terence


actual spore creature
should have posted it earlier. i forgor
im not making a table this time but heres my scribbles from this year and thoughts on them
link to my last years scribbles, this year's scribble thread
round 1 - go-karting

"like the kevin macleod song"

which is go cart. . this is a shopping cart. honestly i dindt have much ideas here lmao but i do like this song a lot i got some nostalgia with it from it being used in a roblox game i like

round 2 - bombs

"bird green questions the presence of multiple bird greys"

what am i, an angry birds fan, to do for a prompt such as this

round 3 - vs. cackletta

"help me i have never played a mario & luigi"

so it was hard to come up with something naturally. theres not much to this but i like how i drew my bugsona there
a great note about this is that
judging by the "does this happen in mario & luigi ???" i couldnt have been matched up with a better person for this prompt considering ive never played one either. im so delighted
also tiki tribe entries popped off

round 4 - mario of the apes

"this is before diddy ever sees a human he somehow entirely missed crankys ramblings"
and youre a fish5.png

i also didnt have much ideas here but im kind of bringing back that time i had the whole donkey kong brainrot remember that ? ithink thsi si the first time i ever drew donkey kong seriously

round 5 - your dreams

"this is based on a bunch of my own dreams"
i finished drawing matilda from angry birds DREAM blast right before going to recieve This prompt.png

this ones the most interesting to talk about so;
the luigi in the top left comes from this dream. frankly still the best dream i ever had. it really feels like it could be a genuine tumblr meme which is why this is amazing

the lady in the top right is just part of this other dream i had. i dont remember what she looked like so this is speculating bigly

the pigeon is simple

the two headed rat lady is part of a larger dream i had about some. game?
im pretty sure the second boss was like, a caretaker lady, who for some reason looked something like a rat and had 2 heads. she said something about not needing necks to have 2 heads . which is stupid because im pretty sure she does, in fact, have necks. also i think she implied some other boss with 2 heads i dont remember seeing
the rabbits to the right of her are part of A DIFFERENT dream about some game
+so i went down the hatch and dropped down into a room with more of those snake gates and a buncha enemies.they were some sorta white rabbits which breathe green poison at you i dont know why. i recall one actually summoned another type of rabbit with a black hoodie who didnt seem to spit poison so thats weird.
the bubble creatures below them are based on this one i had

and finally. baby waluigi

(real as in a real mario character. i dont remember any other details about this dream)

round intermissions

this was before round 1 it was also like a practice scribble


this was between rounds 4 and 5 in response to gabumon/the cond(uct)or turning into a bird. this did not actually happen in the scribble story

i also have a naked version of this before i remembered i was supposed to have the scarf. oopsy

a bonus one: i had this image saved up for the last scribble before i went to just recieve the prompt from the discord bot a day later. its nothing much but its kinda funny or maybe interesting

ok get to this later.png


actual spore creature
i draw a lot of birds in this one
as promised. a bunch of angrybirds based on real life species

a critter

wyrm on a string

quick fan breed idea concept thingy for flight rising

that day in chat i asked someone to draw an angry bird and thnen didnt get it and i just drew one myself. then i got an angry bird like a minute after this

other ppl also just joined in and i mentioned that im an expert at drawing a bird bc i drew that red so fast and thus i did so

not quite a bird yet but were getting there

this was a day later. a pigeon

hung out with some ppl drawing angry birds on magma. you could see a gradual progression of me getting used to the drawing program to the point wher eits like basically the same as how my art looks always
the context in this one: friend drew MY oc so i had to add DIRT in

This ones just matilda

also added said drawn oc but limbed and giving a big ol thumbs up

this was the gay birds i mentioned i was drawing during the mario movie trailer airing. which i did ont watch bc this was more important. the background and some of the rain were my friend;s additions

also another matilda because of the mario thing that just happened. you know. ma

a random dragon

and more of worldbuilding this alien world i need to rename all of it and its species badly


actual spore creature
theres like one thing that isnt angry birds here
he swore several times like baiscally canonically it only makes sense


based on a strange chuck render i had never seen at that point


creature idea from strange image in angry birds trilogy files or simething


heres the promised ocs finally


more oc

more blipbles

more oc AGAIN but in spore now. unfort she is algae stained. and then i decide to save every cell palette and accidentalyl find cell editor test drive. so that was kinda fun



actual spore creature
there be angry birds there be creatures
matilda doodles becuase SECRET: i still struggle with drawing her

he is up to them

unrelated but last time i drew Fira (Limbs) i realised i kinda accidentally popped off with how i drew the design compared to the first (and only other) time i did Its like a fairly normal undefined head bird body shaped BUT theres a feather collar thing i likehow that turned out

unsuspecting human travelers sometimes think they have come across a dragon ...
i was really proud of this but No one commented on it and that makes me sad. i was reading about an extinct deer species and that made me imagine like a birdlike.. deerlike thing with antlers on its back instead of head. which can then look like wings!

blirper from my spores

new lore: DIRT has a tapetum lucidum. it was because i was on stage where the lighting makes there be bloom everywhere and i had the idea
dumb bug mc spear face took this picture at 3 in the morning for funsies

speaking of dumb bug McSpearFace,

hc explanation for this from an angry birds national geopgraihc book

and then a reply lead to this
i didnt even realise until now tha t considering where the lower jaw is i accidnetally attached the arm to basically the dinosaurs cheek
its funny enough to work for blues

every maned wolf ever

yesterday was the birdday of. bupy. blipy. bubu. biepbfbv . also i was going to draw more for this initially but then didnt feel like it

and another random creature because i just cant get enough of drawing fuzz like that its so fun


actual spore creature
theres whatevers
havent done this in a while...... heres a few random creatures, a poor recreation of a thing i made in the spore creatures ds demoe, and a recreation of the hut from the swf from the 2005 spore website which i think turned out p accurate

redrew guy from 2019 that was based on Nembrotha cristata

more for that specbio angry birds au, a bunch of women and then ross

carrying over hals to other universes

another flight rising doodle, this one is of my dudes

i posted about bryce 4 on my profile earlier ok so i quickly tried to make piggy island in it too soon after

ive started watching angry birds summer madness over this week too so theres going to be a lot more of these doodles watch out
this was drdawn from memory i def got some things wrong but whatever !

and neiderflyer. spurred on by the fact that his va (And red's absm va too) voices shadow and Big the Cat in sonic prime


actual spore creature
i make some renders and stuf???and other drawings
this front view is abysmal but. Your honor : turns out it was much harder to drawthan i expected and works a lot better in the actual show

random creatures

drawn on halloweeeeeeeeeennnnnn

more stuff from bryce 4. this is before i figured out how to make the resolution bigger oops

and that was after. looks bad though. i didnt realise where it cropped off in the program itself (where it looked like this) so the right side is really empty. at least this taught me to be concious of that

and then i made a wallpaper for meself

sometimes in official things blues do that and im a big fan (leaving intentionally poorly cropped for funnier)

based on this this is an idea i also had months ago

funny silver featuring angry birds racing which only popped up into existence like 4 days ago

bryce 4 again, applying a bunch of things ive learned though this isnt really showing yet

quick cave test with negatives. turns out those are very tricky to work with and sometimes they just Dont work and i Dont know why


actual spore creature
theres feathery things in here
gales movie design really kept bothering me so i tried to see how itd look if she was more accurate to the game design. i think i overdid it with the details a little but i like how this turned out

the issue here is that lynette probably wouldnt allow any of the campers to have phones to begin with

more bryce 4 where i try out something that Isnt a landscape, and also toy around with volumetric materials. this is mostly just spheres, with one torus and one light source and thats it

this is where i was trying to see how to get the sun disc to show up and i accidentally made a pretty image

another render with glowy rocks and stuff, i had it as my wallpaper briefly too before switching it to angry birds dream blast art lmao


random critters

more specbio with arm tweaks also i really popped off with dahlia here

he would so do that

so i did this ( oc art ) for like a reference but i realise my art is still just better with thicker lines. egh

was drawing this yesterday while backing up a bunch of files which took a few hours so i really put a lot of time into just random polish in paint.net here
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actual spore creature
Typical stuff yuod expect from my thread at this point
turtle thing that can be used as a ride in adventures, with a red variant

started another spore playthrough recently heres the guy from it

more of imagining other characters in angry birds summer madness, heres blues and willow

this one isnt imagining shes already in it lmao. matilda

some mammal thing

angry birds 2 started hinting at an entirely new bird so i tried to see what they could be like based on the vague silhouette. anyway the bird leaked a few days after that, as in yesterday and so i can tell you that i got this wrong in several aspects
EDIT: https://twitter.com/angry_facts/status/1594373246777974788 heres the actual design

and thats there again ohughrhh but also other birts

i recently hatched other babies in angry birds bird island. never did anything further with htem but heres a drawing so i can continue never doing anything further with them

this was based on a response to a funny image

silver (the good one) for movie

summer madness bubbles idea
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actual spore creature
i draw the new angry bird a lot
BUT FIRST! au stuff, im tweaking some of the older designs for it

was drawing on my phone one morning while my pc block was being cleaned. i barely draw on my phone so im still surprised it turned out p good

another au tweak. hes meant to look more like a roadrunner again but i accidentally made him dinosaur mode bc of the teeth showing

tweak THREE

that was after they revealed melody but before they dropped a lot more new info so all i had to go off of were still three pieces of artwork and like no info besiies the name and ability so yeah this is also a bit wrong

random bug guy

thiis is after the info/artwork drop and i already perfected drawing the melon by simply just not outlining the entire beak

and again... but the au again!!! with a blues tweak

random bryce 4 thing i forgot to touch bryce 4 for a whlie

Oh yeah i also casually made 3d matilda from summer madness in sculptgl. a bit wonky in places but thats what you get converting a 2d design into 3d. the side view is basically perfect though


actual spore creature
typical selection of art
more fan concepts for summer madness heres silver

redraw of some things from 2015-2016

space red and chuck because i was thinking of my 2012 drawings of them and wanted to compare

random stuff made with dragging selections around with shift

theyre watching a very intense game unfold

sea dragon dragon thing


random mammalian or not thing

underwater scene made in bryce 4

stella from the funny bird show


actual spore creature
bla bla bla i have exams soon again bla bla bla
spore origins title screen fanart (they will swim in circles the majorty of the time you spend looking at it)

tweaked bomb and added other dudes. i accidentally made ice bird cool (pun half intended)

matilda matilda matilda matilda melody melody also the baby guy

attempt at remaking the movie design at this oc that i actually dont really like either but its. better at least. shes shorter now

more au stuff with terence being tweaked so he looks much better now i think and more like terence. i already tweaked red but i made him a scrimblo by accident this time