zelen posts her art every saturday :}

zelen !!

actual spore creature
funny egg birt is in here several times
as promised

same and mood

like the third redraw of this old oc

another transformice fur sgugestion as per usual https://transformice.fandom.com/wiki/Shop/Fur for the existing furs

it was the 11th anniversary of the angry brids seasons episode hogs and kisses ... so i drew my redesigns of the two random characters in it (that have only appeared in some artwork) again, and i also improved them somewhat

practicing drawing red i suppose

sat down with sculptgl and churned this out while watching folding ideas videos

the beak can even open though i clearly did Not design the model for it, and also heres something with an alternate sphere shader thingamabob whatever it is that i initially created to replicate the lighting in a spore prototype

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssspore. the second image is a critter from angry birds stella

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zelen !!

actual spore creature
ok so this week is more or less entirely doodles ... Whoopsy
another transformice fur suggestion wip. the idea was to slap wings everywhere


her again my player character from angry birds bird island

thrilling story (technically drawn the same day, but the first one was drawn at 2:smth and the other two at 15:smth lmao)

i found https://neal.fun/draw-your-island/ and tried it out wjy not

#item-suggestions my rats deserve to have eyebrows and eyelashes and eyebrows with eyelashes. i drew 18 examples of these

in memory of fer.al announced to shut down... it pretty much has now though apparently theyre (wildworks are) reopening it for a full day in the middle of march just so they dont get sued for breaching their thing that closure of their services should be announced 30 days prior! Oh yeah everything about its closure was handled completely unprofessionally and immaturely and just terribly (aside from a writer sharing lore that never got used in the game) and i really did like feral so its just sad. this is just sad
anyway uhh oh yeah in memory of it closing i drew one of my two avatars i used in it

birthday pfp i drew for discord im still usin it

drew luvdisc from memory for some reason

zelen !!

actual spore creature
angry birds
matilda angry birds space REAL?

this is legitimately the best blues ive ever drawn and thats not even blues thats Jefrey the nutral,

i forgor how to make minecraft skins but i tried it out

another wip transformice fur suggestion based on a starling

image of crinky, the baby archaeopteryx i played as in feather family (roblox game) last night. i got taken in by a penguin, possibly alongside a baby peafowl. the penguin didnt stick around for long but me and the peafowl kept following each other around the village and picking up/dropping things and eating said things and they also carried me around too before they grew up into a peahen and left me on a roof for some reason. during this hour long journey we never used chat and communicated with just bird noises. it was great tbh like me and this person i dont know were just havin a lot of fun heckin around here!

thin spray brush in ms paint is actually rather interesting i never tried it before

this is also a roblox moment. i played that before the crinky adventures and spent an embarrasing amount of hours just following people around and playing as matilda lmao it was very entertaining i got into some shenanigans with dedede, sonic (a different one from the one in the drawing actually), other kirby characters, and plants vs zombies.. ,.. plants, and wario, and i think mario was there briefly

spore craetures based on each major group of vertebrates

me and friend figured out that chuck thinks wizards are awesome and lightning is awesome (so thats why thats what classes he gets in angry birds epic) yet he is still afraid of lightning. dilemma

more from https://perchance.org/incorrect-quote-generator


was pised at what they did to silver in the second movie so i doodled.. something?

zelen !!

actual spore creature
this time we have silver from angry birds 2 and a bunch of mice
i meant transformice of course anyway my updated rat

i feel like the pigs would just be p nice to silver bc most of pig city got SO attached to this dumb little falcon
even once she joins in on breaking their buildings
it seems pretty easy even for a bird to just get the pigs to be nice to you like matildas done that several times

random critter with mixing ms paint colors

my friend was looking at fake pokemon cards with angry birds in them

more transformice suggestions. the starling fur from last week is finished!



big thinking about my speculative biology thing and i redesigned these guys again

MORE rats! wip furs based on stuff i did YEARS ago

the context is. pony town.

zelen !!

actual spore creature
your honor i was playing spore for a billion hours thats why i was late. i have some creatures to show here but not from this playing session, for this session youre gonna have to see it in a week in the next shroom issue 👁👁
this was relevant to Some conversation on discord

DINO FRICKIN SAURS!!! AND A NOT DINOSAUR ! More art for my angry birds dinosaur au featuring some big guys

spore creatures, the first one has no feet bc i used some invisbile limb trickery to try and get it to have a hopping gait, which did kind of work!

i also made uh this

more of the au with funny leg guys (gender neutral)

for march 8th i only drew bird women because i have angry birds brainrot. if. if you coudlnt tell from the past over half a year

i actually drew two bc discord died the moment i finished that first one so i had nothing to do and went and made and finished another drawing and still couldnt send it for some time because discord was still down LMAO

more completely bonkers transformice suggestion wips and a normal one

ice bird

finished wip WITHIN THE SAME WEEK? People didnt like this for some reason

and wip from last week. no longer looks like a rat but its actually in line with some of the existing furs. people LOVED that one, in comparison

original also included if you wanna see it

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i was waiting until the shroom release to post and then i got distracted anyways so its a little late but enjoy whatever i have here

thats why i was waiting for the issue to release

had to get and hatch an egg in angry birds bird island. it uh sure did hatch. my reaction, and further reaction
i figured out that DIRT emerged from the mud itself. this mud beast is a very mysterious cryptid that does strange things. andf unlike the drawing is actually kind of huge

cat braim

transformice fur suggestion thats finished now. i also decided to stop putting the wips here, theres a very good chance im gonna finish them anyways

found a video randomly, on a discord, posted with no context, and i could NOT get it out of my head because the pesron speaking in it sounds like matilda SO IHAD TO DRAW that
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/849427624207450114/951256243769598023/Carrot.mp4 this is the vid embed it in discord or something

Angry birt oc

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i have the angry bird brainrot
this is based on angry birds epic loading screen that happened around the time the first movie came out so it had movie designs. and there was a missed opportunity with matilda!!! so its up to me to jump on that opportunity i guess???
to clarify the final fantasy reference is the original design of the hat/class. it has to be

ice bird

ice bird to celebrate angry birds space 10th anniversary, a mantis, two guys i originally made in the spore creatures ds flash demo, and a remake of a creature i already liked but is even cooler now

and another to celebrate said anniversary. hope you enjoyed the ice bird posting

angry birt design based on a bearded vulture

matildas and one (1) bomb

inspired by my cat this morning

hey look its those birds i like also theres some random craetures i guess
forgor to mention the maitlda was a remake of one i made a few months ago but wanst satisfied with

zelen !!

actual spore creature
avian dinosaurs
from march 27
paying tribute to fer.al, which was unceremoniously shut down a few hours ago. this is the subject of my very last screenshot of it from february 2021 (i dont know why i havent played it since and i sure cant now). i didnt get to play it for long but i cared about it so much still
said final screenshot

the shoebill atricle on wikipedia has this delightful combination of images in a section

matilda (with better colors than in last weeks drawing)

another transformice rat i mean my rat again i mean m

a random guy and a remake of an oldish creature i forgot to crop in here. its for an adventure ive decided to work on again

https://transformice.fandom.com/wiki/Shop/Fur for existing furs but i maed an oriental dwarf kingfisher one


discovered today i can get anywhere on angry birds bird island with enough stubborness
by today it was of course that day specifcically not Today but yeah. if you look closely here you can see a slingshot where youre not really supposed to get to but its really easy to get there

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zelen !!

actual spore creature
we just have more of the same as like every week for the past few months but theres a new creacher
first drawing of this week stinks

transformice fur suggestion that is a cat toy

i went out and tried to do a more realistic dragon than usual but that mostly amounted to just how the limbs work. but im still p happy with this!

happy exactly a decade since i first mentioned this oc which was also the earliest date i remember mentioneing angry birds at all. wow! wow! to celebrate i am making her but with limbs

that was fira and now heres q too

reposting here too but i made matilda's toons design in the classic artstyle :peeoro:
for the record this was drawn from scratch more than frankensteined

zelen !!

actual spore creature
ok i didnt forget ive just been sitting there all day and waiting to finish something but i still havent gotten around to finishing it so might as well do this post now and youll see the drawing either next week or when i edit this post
first drawing of this week is GREAT ACTUALLY! Snail bob from snail bob

random scattered birt doodles

the context is that i saw an image of chuck and for a moment thought it was charizard. Somehow

SPOOKY IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Buncha doodly headcanon skeletons + non skeleton bubbles

a bunch of remakes of my old creations. made in like an hour maybe? i really had a burst of creativity that day

It is matilda from angry birds summer madness and matilda from angry birds dream blast ive not played dream blast nor have i watched summer madness . i think about summer madness a lot though i WILL eventually watch it even if i cant access netflix
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zelen !!

actual spore creature
bit late but whatever
easter so i drew an egg with eggs and also the whole week is dedicated to her for htis important event (egg day) (or week in my case because easter happened a week after here)

tweaked that sculptgl matilda from a few months ago to be more accurate

bonus angles

this is the third mario fanart ive drawn this year at all

here is the banana bird but velocrsptpr

and even MORE dinos (featuring one not dinosaur). i made some size comparisons and just general side views of every design for this silly angry birds au i have so far

should note i messed up and stella is suppsoed to have more prominient hind leg wings

yet antoher transformice suggestion

heavily heavily wip and i wont be done any time soon but ive been recreating piggy island in minecraft with worldpainter. now i am heavily referencing the map from angry birds epic
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zelen !!

actual spore creature
once again in the coming weeks i have my bane of existence, exams. so expect less output until the start of june
i dont know why i drew this its beyond me

transformice item suggestions featuring a neck fluff (with customization) and a redraw of the microraptor fur

did little tiny sprite pigs to just compare some colors and find an average pig color and then i made them in minecraft. alnogside red. for some reason

context is a panel from a comic in slingshot stories with rather interetsing dialogue because part of it is usual bird language nad part of it is unfitting latin gibberish

canon girlfriends

this is a complete meme made in like 3 seconds but yall still get to see it

pranksters haveing fun i also cant draw skateboards

you know i say im a beetle and recently have been saying im a bird and! i guess i am This after all

angry birds epic

flight rising idea concept thing

they heckinf killed angry birds bird island its dead it died for nothing https://twitter.com/angry_facts/status/1519381951030910977

i did not want to just leave her like this so i drew this soon after. now im reclaiming her and DIRT and theyll both get some design tweaks as now i dont have to stick to the original roblox models as rigidly. but man. this still stinks. bird island was really neat even if boring and now its gone

may 28 edit: as of a few days ago the neck fluff in this post is actually an item in transformice now. looks pretty much exactly how i drew it https://transformice.fandom.com/wiki/Shop/Neck#List also its the 69th neck item LMAO thats so good
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zelen !!

actual spore creature
would you like an egg in this trying time or whatever (this is all angry birds again)
mothers day art based on an old artwork

redraw of Very Common Artwork Of Red

scattered birt drawings

was thinking about the bubbles i drew there and how i realised i draw him and willow kinda unique

responses to the previous colored drawing led me to this

matilda in agri birds and matilda in angry birds dream blast are very similar if you think about it also i finished this at like 3:17 .

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i surprisingly have a lot this week. with the power of procrastinating way too much
oh right! this was for the caterpillar plush me and my mom made, when i realised i could pick different color schemes and then was brainstorming palettes

my mom came back with a bunch of felt then and then i had to restrict my color choices. as you can see i went with the last one! looking at it irl right now!

red on twitter i mean

this was for a flight rising thing https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/3136234/1 i was verifying whether id qualify this as a dragon. and sure enough i could! though possibly because this was already a dragon to begin with before i removed their wings and horns so i have some bias there

spontaneous starbound red

and then i decided that i will make this a full on mod eventually. woopsy

You know the minecraft angry birds dlc came out and it has angry birds summer madness skins and guess what. matilda is included so i had to draw something for that occacion


dumb bug mc spear face skin (my oc again)

just the day after that, whoops she gets some design tweaks so the skin becomes dated immediately LMAO also DIRT also got design tweaks

and so did my redesign of that other white bird. well mostly in the color scheme which i mostly color picked from the original this time. should still stand out from matilda because matilda is off-white not #ffffff entirely

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i also have a lot because im the best at procrastination
literally like the day after the previous drawing with her, dumb bug mc spear face again but at a different angle

drawn in tux paint now that i updated it and sound effects were fixed. this ones all magic tools and fill

this ones mostly magic tools and stamps (and fill)

my power was out that day and i had to occupy myself with Something so i used my phone to redraw a funny frame from a vid my friend was watching, and also draw a random willow

conceptualizing hats for an angry birds 2 hat contest ohhh i still havent finished any of them properly i gotta do that today

i made mighty eagle so heres a lineup of every birt i did in spore so far, other spore creations will come later

a dragon that was for something else at first

bana eat BANA?

redrew the most coolest image of all time (it was some sticker i think)
also i used a bit of img height/width for some images that were enormous so they should stack horizontally, pay no mind if they end up looking squished on mobile or something

zelen !!

actual spore creature
last week with exams!!!!!!!!!!!! i have some beefy spore images watch out
as i said last week i did finish these hats and then decided to not participate in the hat contest anyway. well that was fun in any case

random DIRT event

angry non avian dinosaurs return

i couldnt contain myself so i modeled dumb bug mc spear face in sculptgl. wohoo shes in 3d again after bird island died! which by the way compare to the og design from bird island when not wearing accessories its kind of wild?

might model DIRT next

two of the promised spore creations from last week, and a bunch of other guys from yesterday. the last one is a remake of an old creature i forgot to put in a comparison

i also couldnt contain myself again and made piggy island in spore. twice, i accidentally closed the game last time and didnt save it............. this attempt was way better anyways and i ensured to save many times during the making process so its fine its fine

this is an overview of south beach, cobalt plateaus, and desert island, with a few other structures visible

pig city, and a bit of old nesting barrows and golden fields

winter wonderland, and crown mountains a little

and hog head mountain, golden fields, and bamboo forest

all of this is heavily based off of angry birds epic though i referenced some toons episode for pig city

hey look i redrew what i also am currently using for my pfp. the funny pop up from angry birds epic

had a very bright mental idea this morning so i quickyl doodled it on my phone and then drew it proper just now

zelen !!

actual spore creature
i legit forgot yesterday
doodles of a more speculative biology oriented angry birds thing, mostly proof of concept. the idea is they are enantiornithes

for angry birds epic anniversary that week i was going to draw more but it was getting late so . matilda

coincidentally similar image oopssss with hte new starbound thing

regular dairy farmer with her cow

drawn june 14 because of the date in the first known willow concept art https://angrybirds.fandom.com/wiki/File:ABStellaConceptArt17.jpg

strange creation ideas

mostly expression practice

zelen !!

actual spore creature
not much this week for some reason but theres stuff i put more effort into
following up on the previous week with an emote actually finished. for that emote contest

this just manifested in my brain

another emote supposed to be 🥺 im not as satisfied with this but whatever

some random guys and then summer madness like designs for some of stellas flock (i am still yet to watch summer madness)
also this was done one day before season 2 of summer madness dropped (yesterday) anyway im not satisfied with how poppy here turned out i really didnt know what to do for her beyond wanting her to be tall and beefy. i do like the rest though. also stella is mostly there for a height comparison

cool dragon mantis and just, wings

zelen !!

actual spore creature
here there be dinosaurs
another suggestion for transformice. this one for a beak that fits better with the mouses shape than the existing beak items

something to celebrate angry birds bird island coming back its back for real oh my god you guys https://www.roblox.com/games/7365532776/Angry-Birds-Bird-Island
also it being back makes the design changes these both had super funny

some stuff to be put into the starbound mod, mostly a lot of summer madness stuff and look its dumb bug mc spear face

which gave me a huge brained idea on her limbless design

another guy from sekaiju now an alpha red raptor

been reading a lot about dinosaurs, revised terences design for my nonavian dinosaur angry birds au so hes more naked (therizinosaurs were huge and thus probably not fully feathered), to make up for that i also made tony whos is slightly less naky

also tried to come up with something for ice bird. hes an alien so i just decided maybe something thats not a real life species would work fine. but he is vaguely like an enantiornithine

self explanatory

zelen !!

actual spore creature
listening to otherside from minecraft rn this is irrelevant to the post but i dont know what to caption any of these anymore lmao
wait no its kind of relevant because minecraft. the official (angry birds summer madness) matilda skin in the bedrock angry birds dlc thing is like...... so awkward so i just snapped and made one myself. for java. this only works ingame with /item replace entity @p armor.head with brain_coral_fan 1

(in reality i immediately switched the disc to otherside instead of listening to pigstep. hey. turns out the caption is relevant. no i did not plan for this)
a few days later realised i accidentally. made it with 4px arms and didnt realise and still used it as a 3px arms skin. so i fixed it and did some other tweaks, mostly the colors being more colorpicked from the show

destruction academy in angry birds bird island is surprisingly fun. also this is so sad iforgot the eyelashes on dumb bug mc spear face here

here is a bunch of elemental mammals this was a fun practice for making creatures based on real life animals and putting a spin on them
the names in order are Elecphant, Firret, Aquaroo, Pancobblin and Tree squirrel


zelen !!

actual spore creature
birds and dragon things
chest frog

true silver

not entirely finished yet but ender dragon skin. i call her ender lindwyrm

i thought my caption of a bird island screenshot was so funny for some reason. this drawing is titled Priorities

an assortment of very shaped birds

youtube comment doodles

found out that pink robin is a real bird. inspired me. wip transformice fur suggestion

testing some unique shading and whatever

color birds doodles