What's you favorite koopaling

Yoshi The Nothing

The Two-Tailed Flying Fox
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What your favorite koopaling??????
tell me what it is...
Iggy by a landslide. "You can't touch our chariots!" Priceless.
Mine is Lemmy
Oh hey! Me and YFJ share the same favourite Koopaling! Such a coincidence!
Wendy O. Koopa. The bow on her head is very cute!
I guess I like Lemmy the most because he's a playful little one. Most likely one to be Bowser Jr.'s little playmate too, look


And I have no idea what's really going on but this seems wholesome.

lemmys been one of my favorite mario characters for quite a while so obviously him
but i like all koopalings either way. Wonderful Lads (& lass)
If we could stretch the definition of a "Koopaling" I would have voted Koopa Kid, but because they are not officially a Koopaling in the sense that the group of 7 specific characters can only fit the label, my next best option is Iggy Koopa because he has crazed glasses.

Thank you for reading.
I rather like Larry but lately I've been liking a lot of Morton as well. His role in Bowser jr's journey was quite nice.