Zelda Breath Of The Wild: 2

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Bandana Waddle Dee said:
Erdrick the Hero said:
Time for :mario: Easter Eggs
You want Mario easter eggs? Get the Link's Awakening remake on Switch this September. Plenty of references in there.
Will the references even stay for the remake, though? You know what happened to the Superstar Saga remake...
The GameXplain footage showed at least the Yoshi doll and Dr. Wright (albeit not Mario) are intact. I mean, I don't think the same team that worked on SS+BM is doing the LA remake, so they actually want to have the references intact.


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Myiamoto ain't around to delet any reference he doesn't see fit so I'd say it is likely everything is intact, as Moldo stated.


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I mean they actually changed their mind and decided to make the Goombas look just like how they were in the original LA instead of how they are in Mario. So yeah, safe to say they're keeping things intact.


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Ganon comes back all the time.

One those not simply destroy a Ganon. That's Ganon Canon for you.


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No. When we do, we post them. But could you not make useless bumps just for the purpose of asking us that?

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Ok, I just had an interesting thought. What if the hand holding "Ganondorf" is the hand from Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword?
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