the legend of zelda

  1. THE END

    The Legend of Zelda: Minecraft Quest

    Minecraft, but with a twist! I’m planning a Zelda-themed Minecraft mod! It’s not just a texture pack; instead, I’m planning to change a lot of things. First, all textures will be replaced, new mobs will be added and the originals will be deleted (only the hostiles), Zelda BoTW weapons will be...
  2. Blue

    Zelda Breath Of The Wild: 2

    Ok, no one posted this yet but OMG NINTENDO IS DOING IT!!! WATCH THE END OF THE E3 TRAILER!!! Only one I could find. Not my channel... Yet, I don’t even have one...
  3. Doomhiker

    The Triforce Wiki is back!

    A couple of months ago, the Triforce Wiki went back up. ( Results May Vary wants people to know that he regrets his mistake, and that he was exaggerating him not liking the series anymore. So he runs the wiki again, and it know has a Discord...