Your favorite Mega Man characters.

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This thread is all about your favorite Mega Man characters.

For me, my favorites are:
The Blue Bomber himself






Just a flight attendant guy.
The unused scientist from DOS 3 who presumably made CRORQ or something along those lines. My fanon name for him is Kevin Rozner.

X's mermaid girlfriend, Marty


oh and I almost forgot, the professor from Network Transmission, who seems to be the only one who realizes that a world of super fighting robots is infinitely cooler than a world of computer programs with vague similarities to those super fighting robots


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The Battle Network characters. In fact I prefer them over the originals. Several of them are redesigned over the original, but I felt that they are very stylish, though some of them is odd like Rush (though that's mainly due to the design being planned to be used for Legends but ended up unused).

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Kokoro said:
Zero. He's my main in any games he's playable in.
I like Zero too. He's also one of my favorites as well.


Data, Bass, and Duo are great. Data is cute, and Bass and Duo are cool in different ways (Bass being the typical type of anti-hero/rival sort of design and Duo looking really imposing but still sort of "heroic"). All of the different versions of Roll gets an honorable mention.

Data from the Legends series:

Bass from the Battle Network series:

Duo from the Battle Network series:


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I use The Blue Bomber himself for most games, but I do use Zero at times.