What are you doing in Mario atm?


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
oh yeah i got snes online yesterday and i played mario world. for the first time ever actually
im gonna beat it tomorrow! then ill move onto the bonus levels, check if i missed any secrets, and then start playing yoshis island (also for the first time) im excited...


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I got everyone all of their trophys [Tennis Open], now we're heading off to the star-ace exhibitions~ Mario's already started filling his win chart, it took a lot of practicing to figure out how to win against them but we figured it out.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Yeah and characters have different match-ups on how good they are against.

When I was Baby Mario, my hardest opponents were Boo, Bowser, and Dry Bowser. Easiest were Donkey Kong and Waluigi.


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And all AI have exploitable flaws, just need to figure what they are.


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I almost never play the main games or the RPGs anymore because I've beaten almost every one of those games at least once, and I just don't feel like playing them anymore. I'm also a completionist, and there are some games that are a real pain to beat 100% (like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, and Paper Mario: Color Splash).

Nowadays, I pretty much only play the multiplayer spinoff games like Mario Kart and Mario Party. What's my favorite thing to do in the spinoff games?
Seeing Waluigi and Daisy lose:

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-09-26 17-30-32.png

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-03-22 17-55-05.png

MK8 Results (6-29-19).png

My Great Capture Screenshot 2019-08-11 19-13-36.png

^Hmm, I feel like I've played against that exact same team before.
SMP Team Pom Pom Wins.png

MTA Team Birdo wins.png