Things you didn't notice before in the Super Smash Bros. Series


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I was playing Sm4sh the other day, trying out characters I never use, and found out that Zelda smiles twice in that game. Once as a taunt, the other as a victory pose.

I'm so glad she's happy again.

This thread has the same premise as the one in the Marioverse. Talk on.


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Bump because I just found something interesting.

In Smash 3DS, Wii U, and Ultimate, the announcer actually has different voice clips for the names of Roy Koopa and FE Roy.


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I mean the tone of the announcer should actually somewhat reflect the appearance of the character sometimes.

If that is the case, then yeah.

Still really cool though.

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Pokemon Trainer does not appear with five or more players, so when switching between Pokemon the ball will be thrown from the front of the screen.


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I just realized that in SSBU's Battlefield (not sure about others), whenever the stage gets dark, it's not nighttime. There's actually an eclipse that occurs.