Ever met a fellow wiki member "in the wild"?


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That is to say, have you ever encountered a wiki member off-wiki, without intentionally looking for them? I'm curious what people's stories are about this.


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Not without intentionally scheduling a meeting, no.

I also expect the probability for this to happen to be rather slim tbh


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oh uh in the wild on the net i guess ive randomly seen people from here on facebook on two occassions

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magikrazy and ftg64 in yt comments
also encountered several users on other forums without specifically looking for them tho I already knew they were there in most cases

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Nah, actually, and that’s very unlikely to happen. Well, in real life, but I can expect on the internet.

But who knows, maybe once.

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if we're talking offline, all four i met were by intentionally arranging meetings

if we're talking online i ran into prims on like three different sites by complete coincidence

i've also found a few other people's accounts by accident

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I've unintentionally found a couple of people on Deviantart, and a couple of YouTube comment sections, but offline, no.

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If you want to count people you've bumped into in real life who then went ahead and joined the wiki, yes. Other than that no I haven't met anyone in real life, and if I did it would require intentional scheduling.

I've seen random Youtube comments from users if we're referring to other internet places.


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"without intentionally looking for them"?

even if this did happen, how the fuck would you even know who it was? I don't exactly wear my username on my shirt or anything. I think the only way you would know it was me is if you saw my Awards Presentations and were ridiculously good at recognizing voices.

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Wiimm is a Mario Kart Wii hacker who made a few edits on MarioWiki. Was surprised to meet him here.

RoadrunnerWMC, one of the hackers of the New Super Mario Bros. games also has an account on MarioWiki. Dropped by to say hello of course.

Some people on Marioboards I first met on GameFAQs. Examples are Mcmadness, memoryman3, and Swiftie_Luma.

I also saw Magikrazy's comment on a YouTube video one time. It was highly uprated.


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Camwoodstock said:
That is to say, have you ever encountered a wiki member off-wiki, without intentionally looking for them? I'm curious what people's stories are about this.
I have seen your work on Square Root of Minus Garfield, so it's actually quite cool to see that someone who did some stuff there also posts here.

Asides that, some people from here I have seen on Youtube, like NanoRim (one of the comments on the Final Boss theme in Mario vs Donkey Kong) and I think Fawful.

Thank you for reading.


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I believe I've seen FTG64 in a YouTube comments section. Other than that all I've had is a scheduled get together (hopefully another one in the future) and following people on Twitter.


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FTG64 is very active outside of these boards, I've talked to him on Reddit before (Although, I have a different username there so I'm not sure he knows it was me) and I look at his deviantart posts fairly often.


i mean lots of people would probably be able to tell who i am in the wild, however i'm like ridiculously bad at spotting people in crowds

i haven't found anyone irl by chance, all meetups that have happened or will happen have gone through planning. i've probably seen a few wiki members on other online platforms but i'm too tired to recall who they are and where they happened LOL

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haven't met anyone by chance because I'll be damned if anyone ever wants to go to indiana

I probably won't get to meet up with someone anytime soon, probably not until I get my own place. if I could do it sooner I would, but my parents would never allow it


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Not IRL, but I have encountered some of the board members here on other websites. FTG64 in some YouTube comment sections and sometimes on DA, McMadness on the SEGA Forums and various other occurrences like that.


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Baby Luigi is all over GameFAQs, especially Mario Sports Superstars from what I’ve seen. I’ve also seen Toa 95 on Nintendo Wiki and Wayoshi on GameFAQs. I even remember seeing a comment from memoryman3 on some website...