Mario games found on Osama bin Laden's hard drive


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Files from Osama bin Laden's computer have been released by the CIA. Among them are Nintendo DS ROMs including New Super Mario Bros., Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Yoshi's Island DS.


Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
I wish I can ask him what he thought about Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and add that to the Trivia section in MarioWiki.


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I want Ben Laden's animal crossing save file


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proof that video games are linked to terrorism

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
if we're being realistic; these were more than likely his kids. he had a dozen of his sons living with him in his compound.

i do like to entertain the idea that osama bin laden was playing pirated naruto games though.

Rice Gum said:
Osama bin laden is irrelevant
this is the worst account ever made


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The question is, how far was he in each of these games?