Nintendo Switch Friend Codes Thread


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I'm not quite sure if someone has already started a thread on this or not, but it's basically the same idea as the 3DS Marketplace and Nintendo Network threads. Share your Switch friend codes here.

(Edit 12/22/18: New template and added the other users to the master list.)
(Edit 1/10/20: Adjusted the master list in accordance to the forum updates.)

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"Yeah, I'm the bad guy!"
Lilligant said:
It'd probably be good to prepare a list in the OP for easy reference
You mean similar to how the Nintendo Network thread does it?

(Edit: Alrighty, I'll list 'em.)


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"Yeah, I'm the bad guy!"
I'm probably gonna be absent from the forum for a little bit, so if by some slim chance someone else wants their friend code to be added to the list above, here is a blank version of the template that I've been using if any mods wish to edit the original post. :mario:


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i don't play online much right now, but that'll probably change when splatoon 2 comes out and/or if i get arms
also if you've got me on your friends list from 3ds/wii u/miitomo i hardly ever use that account on my switch so just add this one instead