Nintendo Switch Friend Codes Thread


Dry Bowser
I'm not quite sure if someone has already started a thread on this or not, but it's basically the same idea as the 3DS Marketplace and Nintendo Network threads. Share your Switch friend codes here.

(Update 7/4/2020: Updated the master list.)

User: Crackin355
Friend Code: SW-8049-1727-4400

User: FawfulTheGreath64
Friend Code: SW-3498-0925-8197

User: Cirdec
Friend Code: SW-3903-0542-7126

User: Super-Yoshi
Friend Code: SW-7997-8764-7276

User: LakituTheQuick
Friend Code: SW-8067-4193-5326

User: Koops
Friend Code: SW-4983-3921-0017

User: FreakWold
Friend Code: SW-3686-9159-5977

User: Luigi 64DD
Friend Code: SW-4184-5900-3232

User: Winstein
Friend Code: SW-7942-2874-4689

User: NEXandGBX
Friend Code: SW-7575-1931-1021

User: Shy Guy on Wheels
Friend Code: SW-0123-1155-4155

User: Epic Nitwit
Friend Code: SW-7556-7917-2970

User: Auburn S
Friend Code: SW-1213-5678-6605

User: MST3K
Friend Code: SW-8406-2414-6708

User: GameFreak75
Friend Code: SW-2652-8646-1896

User: YoshiGo99
Friend Code: SW-7431-0109-5719

User: JohnRoberts
Friend Code: SW-6276-0016-9617

User: MarioKartGamerDude
Friend Code: SW-2073-3065-1930

User: Roserade
Friend Code: SW-5046-6095-0140

User: Nabber
Friend Code: SW-8241-9242-9530

User: PowerKamek
Friend Code: SW-4470-4395-6713

User: GlowSquid
Friend Code: SW-4650-1312-8242

User: SonicMario
Friend Code: SW-3372-3971-1325

User: StarGazing
Friend Code: SW-8171-4431-2928

User: GabbyHayes
Friend Code: SW-2361-0101-6165

User: ToadGamer
Friend Code: SW-3203-9328-9417

User: RareGold
Friend Code: SW-0655-6330-0626

User: YoshiFlutterJump
Friend Code: SW-4083-0841-7914

User: Gabumon
Friend Code: SW-4662-8376-1605

User: Smasher
Friend Code: SW-7628-2111-0913

User: Mario Kart DS Fan
Friend Code: SW-5780-7811-7412

User: Hypnotoad
Friend Code: SW-8260-7413-7141

User: Infinite8
Friend Code: SW-8488-1662-9593

User: RollerC
Friend Code: SW-2196-5910-2518

User: Parakoopa144
Friend Code: SW-6753-4176-2704

User: Toadbert101
Friend Code: SW-5121-0331-7938

User: A51 Trooper
Friend Code: SW-8481-2660-7521

User: RandomDSPlayer
Friend Code: SW-7343-9619-7203

User: Uniju
Friend Code: SW-1916-6981-7878

User: The Pyro Guy
Friend Code: SW-5186-2405-5711

User: SuperChao
Friend Code: SW-1115-1546-9324

User: The Crowned Boo
Friend Code: SW-6126-0782-8125

User: Long John Spaghetti
Friend Code: SW-2001-1937-7812

User: Toy Freddy
Friend Code: SW-2553-2428-7216

User: Joe Runner
Friend Code: SW-4821-0142-1053

User: Fantanoice
Friend Code: SW-1185-3678-7111

User: Sailor Luigi
Friend Code: SW- 2671-2247-6904

User: Toadettefan14
Friend Code: SW-7812-1784-6208

User: BlueBerryBlue
Friend Code: SW-3634-1816-8791

User: BBQ Turtle
Friend Code: SW-1252-3209-5235

User: Goombuigi
Friend Code: SW-5622-4479-3404

User: Mak N Sauce
Friend Code: SW-3622-6257-4320

User: KPYall
Friend Code: SW-7799-7678-7073

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It'd probably be good to prepare a list in the OP for easy reference


Dry Bowser
Lilligant said:
It'd probably be good to prepare a list in the OP for easy reference
You mean similar to how the Nintendo Network thread does it?

(Edit: Alrighty, I'll list 'em.)

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Luigi 64DD

The Name will show up as "Babing".


Dry Bowser
I'm probably gonna be absent from the forum for a little bit, so if by some slim chance someone else wants their friend code to be added to the list above, here is a blank version of the template that I've been using if any mods wish to edit the original post. :mario:


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i don't play online much right now, but that'll probably change when splatoon 2 comes out and/or if i get arms
also if you've got me on your friends list from 3ds/wii u/miitomo i hardly ever use that account on my switch so just add this one instead


Dry Bowser
Sorry for the wait, updated the list on the original post.