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Option "I feel the mechanic is unnecessary, but it doesn't have a negative effect."

Since I have never played any of those fighters, I am unsure about them. Seems interesting to have them play like traditional fighters, since I have a feeling that if Ryu played like a traditional Smash character, he would play very similar to Mario.

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How do you feel about companies/corporations other than Nintendo using Mario in their advertising (such as Arby's)?
  1. I like this practice, and believe that it creates relevant advertisement for consumers.
  2. I appreciate this practice myself, but I'm unsure of how appropriate it is for their overall clientele.
  3. I am alright with this practice, but I'd prefer to know if corporations have permission from Nintendo to use their properties first.
  4. I am indifferent to this practice.
  5. I personally dislike these advertisements, but still believe that they create relevant advertisement for their clientele.
  6. I dislike this practice personally and wish for other forms of advertisement to be used, but companies should still be free to use Nintendo properties if they'd like to.
  7. I dislike this practice, and believe that only Nintendo should be allowed to advertise with their properties.
  8. I have not seen advertisement like this before, or otherwise have no opinion.


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I can't think of an instance of myself having seen one of these, but fundamentally as long as they got all the relevant permissions from Nintendo, I'd have no issue with it whatsoever.


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
This option: "I am indifferent to this practice."

Seeing Mario in advertisements is pretty amusing, especially for unrelated things as long as he's graciously represented. I've seen one (I'm sure unsolicited) ad where Mario is standing on a mattress using the Fortune Street pose (see the Wii's box art to see what I mean), with a US flag to go with it.

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Which level style do you prefer the most in Super Mario Maker 2?
  1. Ground
  2. Underground
  3. Underwater
  4. Ghost House
  5. Airship
  6. Castle
  7. Desert
  8. Snow
  9. Forest
  10. Sky
  11. I haven't played Super Mario Maker 2, or have no preference between the level styles.

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Nintendo has offered their paid DLC under season pass or as standalone format for their games. How do you prefer them?
  1. I prefer season pass. I only need to pay once and get everything under multiple waves.​
  2. The standalone DLC format allows me to choose what I want, so I prefer this format.​
  3. I don't care about the format, I decide based on the content which to use.​
  4. I don't mind the format, I'll take quality content whichever it is.​
  5. I despise DLC altogether, no matter what format they are offered.​
  6. I have no opinion on how DLC is distributed.​


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I'd much prefer content all be available on the disc/cartridge at launch, but I get we live in a time where it is possible to keep building on implemented ideas (in which case, sequels are a thing). It depends on the quality of the DLC for me. If it's being made alongside the game, and then held off for more profits, then just include it in the game, no likes paying for content that should've been in the game in the first place. But then you have games like Super Smash Bros. 4/Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that adds expansive content that started development after the game was finished and they give it all as much effort as the base game. That's the kind of DLC I like.

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Option 3. I'll take season pass if I want everything, but I'll buy them individually if I'm only interested in a select few packs.
I really dislike Season Passes. They're typically a gamble, and you're essentially paying money for an idea they had, with nothing actually done yet. I know Nintendo is slightly less egregious than what other companies did (like in Hyrule Wariors or in Smash Ultimate, where they were already complete games), but I wouldn't be surprised that they indulge in it in their mobile offerings on top of the microtransactions, grindfest, and expensive subscription models that fix problems that they invented.

None of the poll options really describe my feelings on this. I do prefer DLC where I can pick and choose, but that also depends on what the DLC is, what the price of it is, and its practice can be equally as bad as the Season Pass should it also be mishandled: Season Pass for Ultimate is better than individual DLC offered in, say Fallout 76 because it's for a much better, content rich game to begin with.

Merry Moldo

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Option 1. I know that they won't stop with DLC anytime soon, so as much as I want everything that the game offers when I buy it, Option 1 is the next best thing.

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The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series was recently added in Super Mario Maker 2. Do you want more items from other Nintendo franchises to be added?
  1. Yes, I definitely like the addition of elements from other Nintendo franchises in Super Mario Maker 2, and would like every game styles to have that kind of additions.
  2. While I like this addition to the Super Mario Bros. game style, I would prefer to see elements from other Nintendo franchises more in other game styles.
  3. I would like to see items from other Nintendo franchises, but I think they should be exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. game style.
  4. I’m happy with elements from other Nintendo franchises being included in Super Mario Maker 2, and don’t mind which game style it is usable.
  5. No, I prefer that Super Mario Maker 2 receive only elements from the Mario franchise.​
  6. I haven't played Super Mario Maker 2, or otherwise have no opinion.​