Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


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Here we go again

Now I'm sure there's quite a bit of collective groans already given the thoughts on this series has many thinking it's wore out its novelty.

Though if I must say something, I believe the previous Summer Olympics game (London 2012) vastly improved upon some stuff that I think we could definitely say it might be the best of the bunch. That alone might be some room for optimism.

Another thing is some people may have already noted there could actually be some new characters this time such as Diddy and Nabbit from Mario as well as Jet and Zazz (Zeti from Sonic Lost World) from Sonic.

So for the fifth time since 2007, Mario and Sonic will crossover to play some friendly rivalry sports competition.


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I also saw Rouge. That means there's likely one more Mario character to balance it out. Probably Toad or Rosalina, since Brido seems to be deconfirmed.


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i liked the original winter games one but i found london 2012 to be really boring, and i never even got sochi 2014
yeah i'm not really excited
The only thing I know about Rio is that there was a movie called Rio with a blue bird in it.

The original winter games was a blast, I loved that game.


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hopefully they keep the online multiplayer
best thing to happen to the mario and sonic games since, well, the first game

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Kyon said:
The original winter games was a blast, I loved that game.
actually yeah the wii version was really fun. loved the customisation the most

i'll probably skip this though, nabbit's a cool choice for a character but i'm not expecting much from this game really :\

tokyo 2020 will probably be the big one
Customisation was great, I think I was pretty close to getting it all or I did manage to get it all; I don't remember.

Dream Ice Skating and Dream Snowboarding were top.


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I think Zazz is a rival rather than a playable character.


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they are still making these? at least they have bothered to expand the roster this time which they range from prefect to very questionable.

i will most likely be skipping this


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Never got Sochi, but I might try this one.

I like how they're finally expanding the roster again.


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It probably won't happen (So don't chastise me for just bringing it up cause I'm not that confident in it happening :V) but I wouldn't mind this game having it's own Amiibo set for most of the well known Playable characters. I'd like a Tails and a Knuckles Amiibo (Imagine all the "& Knuckles" jokes if that happened heh heh.)

Doesn't really make sense to do it though since that would mean a THIRD set of some of the Mario characters with Smash and the Super Mario ones already, but I'd find it neat.

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Tried London 3DS, and it was horrible.

I don't have high hopes for these games. For starters, can they at least have the player select which CPU to play against?

Roster needs freaking Toad, by the way. Oh, and I don't see Rosalina in it. Don't know if I should feel happy or disappointed.

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Nabbit seems like a totally random choice, especially when considering Birdo has yet to be playable.

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Rouge and Birdo could've been perfect "rivals".

Yeesh, almost forgot: this is the SECOND Mario & Sonic game this generation. Can we get a new Mario sports game or something?

Oh, and that old thread saying that there will be no new Mario games this year? They're wrong in all interpretations. Yeah, we had Mario Maker, but it could mean no new announcements for Mario games, but we got this game. I guess that's the best thing I've heard from this game. Oh, and the artwork looks, uh, yeah.

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Sigh I know Baby Mario and Baby Luigi have no chance of being in this game so whatever. Gotta keep dreaming.

The Mario & Sonic series always feel sorta mediocre. Like the only minigames worth playing are the dream events. And yeah we already have a Mario & Sonic, we really didn't need another one.


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LGM im interpreting it as no main series mario game

(main series being smb 1-3, usa, sml 1+2, mario world, 64, sunshine, nsmb 1-2, wii, u, smg 1+2, sm3dl + w)