Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!


(she/her) actual spore creature
i mean im all for realistic interpretations but this is like. this is just a human with no nose and a mushroom cap you could do better! we have licherally never seen nipples on a toa or ears or ??? chest hair??? you could make them hecked up mushroom people thats at least more interesting than a weird ass human

Sailor Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's most out-there sailor
Another thing about Mario head is that they ridiculously aged him because most people have the idea that Mario is middle-aged too.

Ray Trace

Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
What a waste of Substance Painter and Z-brush. Don't forget the topology (not just textures and materials) and adding all of these hideous wrinkles.

Sailor Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's most out-there sailor
Wario games is what would happen if Mario took weirdness and doubled down on it with an extra dose of deliberately ugly.
Just like Wario himself!

The Zelda games have their own counterpart to the Wario franchise's "weird, gross, and sometimes weirdly sexual designs" with the Tingle games.
Tingle is also a greedy man too!


HELLO!! Are you finding everything ok?
I swear Wario World has some of the weirdest enemies of any Mario family game.

If you told me these were pre designs for LM3 I would have believed you.
The first monster legit reminds me of the monsters in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Sailor Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's most out-there sailor
It's to face away from the horrors that the two Bros stole each other's hats