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i posted this somewhere else, and someone suggested i posted it here. i'm just gonna warn you it's really cursed! here we have a piece of fan art and an unlicensed Mario statue, unofficially based on the said fan art. not sure which is more cursed.

Mod edit: nothing with nipple detail, thanks
wait it had nipple detail? omg im so sorry i didn't see that when i posted it! i deeply apologize for anyone offended by that,

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Okay, Luigi expert, some hints!

The eyes and mouth are way too big (generally wide) and the placement of the irises is right in the middle of the eyes, which usually isn't the best spot for Mario Bros.. The gloves are weirdly defined for a cartoon character, not fat and simple like you typically see on Luigi. Nose is huge. Also, the worst thing about it is the mouth, which weirdly has gums

The pasty color of the skin doesn't really help.

The look of GCN Luigi's Mansion Luigi, I never really liked and the remake at least updated his design. Luigi's Mansion Luigi's eyes are too big, too close to each other, and in artwork he's depicted always the same: the lower lid being raise so it always makes him look tense while he's grimacing and his mouth's relatively big for Luigi.

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I think LM1's thing is just part of being in that transitionary period when they weren't quite sure how (or even whether) to adapt the SNES era art to 3D, instead going more off the N64 era artwork renders. Resulting in him looking generally off, particularly with the wideness of his face.

Anyways, something about THIS render is making me think of Doofenshmirtz and I have no idea why.


You can even see the eye sockets in the head.

Hat-Tip: Supper Mario Broth

Someone needs to hire a better modeler. TWO UV errors from Mario Kart Double Dash (remember Baby Mario)? And NO ONE noticed?

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At first I thought these were tattoos. Imagine getting these permanently marked onto your skin.
I've seen uglier Mario tattoos, though, like one where posted earlier in this thread of Mario and Yoshi were swapped. Yeesh.