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Cherries and Berries
funny thing is i remember in my art classes that associating the rabbit with the moon is extremely overdone, almost as much as wolves.

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
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Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
The stickers, helpfully documented by MarioWiki

It seems like only three of the art came from the same era the book is published in. Wario's in the book (in a plane, gets a bucket on him), but they decided not to use art from Mario & Wario?

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Cherries and Berries
Is it a coincidence that both drive blue karts and both are lightweights? Same with Pipsy being Pink and Peach being pink and both lightweight and female.

Doc von Schmeltwick

"Time to shine!" - Zac the Sunrise

That forgotten member, of the DK Crew!
This Kong's so flat, it's kinda funny!
Can make a game theorist, ask "Who's your mummy?"
He can climb up vines, and pull levers,
But tends to die, when he touches a bird!
If you choose him, better prepare,
He's got no depth, so he'll get some air!

Eric B

Monty Mole
Here, I decided to gather together all the "Fuji Mario" characters, and major graphics elements. Fuji Mario is where someone redid the entire original SMB into the SMB2 style. So we see what all the original enemies, from goombas to Bowser, would have supposedly looked like if they appeared in SMB2. SMB2 had been originally commissioned by Fuji TV as "Doki Doki Panic", so then whoever did this named it "Fuji Mario". Someone also did a video of a "Super Mario Maker" hack using the theme.
I think they should have done SMB2J (aka "Lost Levels") like this (And the audio as well, which they for some reason didn't change from SMB in this hack), for it would be a cross between the two different "SMB2" games!

I had wished they used these characters whenever they added SMB2 to SMM, but as we all know, in the recent "final update", they only added the mushroom that changes only the player, and the audio, to SMB2.

Here now is where the “Fuji Mario” modder has added later characters to the SMB2 style, like SMM2.

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Cherries and Berries
I can't unsee Toad's thumbs clipping through his palms now.


Dry Bowser
Soon, he will grow toes.

Actually, I take that back. I don't want to picture that Toad.