Mario pictures

Striker Mario

🚛Practicing soccer in a sewage treatment plant
They're probably knockoffs, the tags don't look like the official ones, and they're in front of other ones that do look like knock offs.


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Is there a Yoshi meme I don't know of????
But lol that airport security picture rasies a lot of questions. Starting with, why mario?

yes his arms shouldn't be able to reach the top of his head as they seemingly can here (i.e. arms are too long), and I think his back looks a little too long

weird pose too but it can be worse
I don't see what's bad about it? Is Mario being flirtatious is that it

Ray Trace

You have entered the comedy area.
so it is referencing the famous "yoshi is florida man" meme



Wow, this Bowser Castle already looks more fun than the ones they keep bringing back from Super Circuit instead of an actually interesting stage from it

Ray Trace

You have entered the comedy area.
Note that also when they bring back Bowser Castles from SC, they take out the few interesting aspects, like the Mechakoopas or the Kamek cameo.
uh, bowser castle 4 has never returned and it's the only bowser castle that has mechakoopas. but yeah, the kamek cameo being removed sucks.


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He's off Baby Luigi hunting.