What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

Ray Trace

🚛Practicing soccer in a sewage treatment plant🚛

this sounds like a sonic cover version of rainbow connection


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Juice WRLD - Lean Wit Me

I can't believe he's actually dead. 😢 RIP.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
...And Justice For all by Metallica

Edit: I removed the video due to controversial lyrics. But good song anyways.
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The Legend of Zelda Full Orchestra Concert.
It's really fun to see how the music's made!

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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This is a version of Paul McCartney's famous "The Long and Winding Road." The first version was released in 1970 as a part of Let It Be and made use of producer Phil Spector's controversial "Wall of Sound" technique (i.e. really heavy orchestration). McCartney grew to resent this pretty quickly - since Spector's changes were made without much input on his part - so he has released several new versions throughout the years. The version I linked to is a 1984 re-recording that Paul McCartney and George Martin worked on for McCartney's film Give My Regards to Broad Street.

I myself like both versions. The two things I find really cool about the Broad Street version are that it involves George Martin (who produced all Beatles albums except for Let It Be) and how nuanced the orchestration is. I also particularly enjoy the warm, jazzy touch that the song has. It's different from the original for sure, but it's a nice sort of different.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
Old Time Religion by J.D. Sumner

It is my favourite hymn of all time.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
It'll Be Joy by Tim Duncan

I have last listened to this when I was five years old.

Hooded Pitohui

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I have been unable for about a week now to stop myself from returning to Minami's "Crying for Rain.". It's so full of anger, it has such good notes which just transition into raw, pained screams.

Though, because of that, I've been getting into Minami's songs in general lately. It's not as good as the above one, but "Lilac" is another solid pick from her (and one I even convinced Raregold to listen to, because of the name, which is a rare thing). I don't feel as strongly about "Hollowness" as a song, but it has neat accompanying music video which also gives me some fun Celeste vibes.