post what you're wearing at this moment


Uh, Ken. Role.
Poll Committee
Red long sleeved shirt, gray sweatpants, and bright yellow sneakers, which happen to be awfully trendy nowadays.


Surely you jestin!
A dark blue henley shirt and red flannel pants.

What I usually wear every day along with my outfits are; light pink house slippers (at home), a watch, a Minecraft Diamond ore wristband, a wristband from some event I was at, and a "Combat Crew" wristband I got in a prize box at school.


Shadow Siren
A custom airbrushed Fawful T-shirt from... gosh it must have been 2010 or 2011 when I had it made. And blue pajama bottoms. I haven't properly changed to daytime clothes yet.

Best image I could get at the computer without contorting to an awkward pose. The shirt is just an airbrushing of Fawful's BIS artwork, and it says "I HAVE FURY!" on the bottom.


Surely you jestin!
Wow, you must be a really dedicated Fawful fan.

Right now I'm in my bed clothes; a dark grayish-blue long-sleeved shirt and some grey sweatpants.

BBQ Turtle

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Grey jogging bottoms, puppy shirt, Rosalina sweatshirt, watch, Care Bears bracelet and my Gold Peach and Ludwig dog tags.

Mister Apple

Not Mr. Apple
My pyjamas.
That t-shirt reminds me of a t-shirt I came up with a few years ago. It was (going to be) a picture of Fawful-branded mustard with the words 'the mustard of your doom' around it.


the lamest fartwad you'll ever darn meet
I'm wearing some Mario pajama pants, and no shirt. Mostly since I have a blanket anyhow.


Surely you jestin!
This retro Mario riding Yoshi shirt

and some jeans of almost the same color, and an indigo sweatshirt. So I guess my outfit's fully blue, da ba dee da ba da.

And I almost forgot to mention two other things I wear every day at home. This is my headset, it's a Kotion Each G2000.

It also comes with a USB adapter that makes the headset's LED lights glow when you plug it into the computer.

And these are my NoScope Wraith gaming glasses, which I ordered a few days before NoScope stopped selling glasses and started selling energy mints.


Surely you jestin!
Light blue stonebleached jeans from CoolCat (The European clothing brand, not the cat who saves the kids), baby blue socks with white stars, and a Splatoon 2 shirt from Bioworld (it has the game's logo and in-game brand logos scattered all over it)

Also hair gel.


Prince of LOUD.
rapmon shirt

official bts trash right here, everyone