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BBQ Turtle

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Panda T-shirt, panda socks, starry jeans and my Iggy and Ludwig dog tags.


Surely you jestin!
I'm wearing what I usually wear to bed. flannel pants from L.L. Bean, and a t-shirt of Mario's artwork from the original SMB.

Today I was wearing a Propaganda Yoshi t-shirt, multi-color star earrings from Claire's (which, by the way, is going to end up like Toys 'R' Us!), red low-top Converse sneakers with white stars, the same light jeans from CoolCat, and a Mario cap. Some guy even said "Hi Mario!"

Wearing a Mario cap with my casual wear is as far as I will get when it comes to wearing his attire in public.

George Jones

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A blue shirt and pants, nothing fancy... yet.

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Some church clothes, kind of weird to be wearing them on a Monday...


Shadow Siren
Fawfulthegreat64 said:
Green collared shirt with some dark blue on the left side, jeans, black slip-on shoes.
This except shorts instead of jeans. The weather is finally somewhat reasonable to go out in comfortably dressed without my nose becoming an ocean.


Surely you jestin!
Vintage Levi's, a Voxel South Park shirt, and a black Under Armor hoodie with a golden logo.

The jeans and the hoodie used to belong to my brother.