What Mario Plushies do you have?

Well I have a big collection
Mario, big mario, fire mario, small mario, metal mario, racoon mario, cat mario, I heart Aruba mario, a old beaten up mario, baby mario, arcade mario, boo mario, puppet mario, a mario slipper, mario with cappy, 8-bit mario, luigi, 2 baby luigis, fire luigi, cat luigi, fox luigi, slipper luigi, arcade luigi, small luigi, flying squral luigi, yoshi, Yellow yoshi, pink yoshi, blue yoshi, black yoshi, 2 red yoshis, purple yoshi, orange yoshi, small green yoshi, build a bear yoshi, peach, baby peach, cat peach, toad, arcade toad, blue toad, captain toad, toadsworth, bowser, bowser puppet, dry bowser, bowser jr, larry, iggy, ludwig, lemmy, roy, mortain, Wendy, wario, waluigi, koopa, goomba, boo, bullet bill, shy guy, piranah plant, dry bones, blooper, chain chomp, star-man, 1-up, koopa shell, donkey kong and diddy kong

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
Bowser II
I have a Bowser Jr plushie because of course I do. I also have a boo plushie that I hang from the slats of my bed (I have a loft). I'd really like more, but my room is small and I don't have much space.

The Doctor

Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the Voyager
I have Mario, Luigi, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy, Toad, Yoshi, Boo, Super Star, and a Fire Flower.

Wintertime Peach

Bowser Jr.
•Blue Toad
•Luigi riding Yoshi
•Baby Peach
•Cat Toad
•Fox Luigi
•White Yoshi
•Green Yoshi
•Baby Mario
•Baby Luigi

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy any more. The one character that I've always wanted a plush of is (modern) Tiny Kong, but I doubt she'll ever get one.


I'll just hang out in this vent.
I have Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Toad plushies.

Yoshi! Yoshi!

Melon Inspector

The Pink Ranger

It's Morphin' Time! Pterodactyl!
i don't think i own a single mario plush, you think i would considering how obsessed i am with plushies

i thought about buying a birdo plush when i saw it at barnes & noble once cuz i'm so starved for trans rep but i didn't lol