What inspired YOUR username?

My username is supposed to be fruit-based. It's meant to sound like "very peachy" which was (is?) my little catchphrase thing.
I just like the Koopalings. I like them equally as much as the Mario brothers; they're really great villains, although they fail at what they do LOL. So yeah named myself after one of them and decided to use him as my avatar.
My parents named my Mii on the Wii Fizzle, Lord knows why, and it's been my gaming name ever since. I "made" myself a movie theater so I can more easily swap from one theme to the next. My current profile picture, and signature, is inspired by FNF Hit Single Real's Silly Billy song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AyiETn6YdY) and both appear at about the 4:50 mark in the forementioned video.