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Last night I had a Magic School Bus dream.
Ms. Frizzle was missing, and someone was trying to frame Arnold for something and seize control of the bus.

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I had a dream where I was on the wiki's recent changes and saw the Shroom being posted. It reminded me I hadn't sent in a Shroom section yet, the day after the deadline. That was freaky.


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One Mario-related dream I had was that I dreamt that Wario had a Nintendo 64 platformer and it had Waluigi as a villain, and in the end, they became best buddies. The platformer was construed as an unreleased game, and I kind of like the idea of Waluigi being introduced this way.

Thank you for reading.

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Probably one of the weirder dreams I had lately, even if I only remember a single detail from it... but...

Apparently in this dream I realized that Isabelle lost her voice and could barely squeak.

And then after I woke up I realized that I was actually Isabelle, since my throat felt like that and it turnedout I was the only one who lost their voice.

I started questioning my existence.

So I guess I can say I know what it feels like to swap genders?

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I had a dream that I was playing a guitar. I was playing it like if I was skilled on it. But in my dream, that was the first time I played it. And I earned a spot on the Grand Ole Opry due to the skills with it. And I played many songs, mostly ones from the 50s every week for 60 years. That was the first non video game character dream I had.


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I dreamed I went all the way to Illinois to visit my boyfriend and then ended up moving in with him.

That's a way better timeline than this one and I want to go back to it.

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Can we bump this now?

Because that was a wild ride, that dream.

So I was with a traveling group of people. Caravan? Regiment? Whatever it was, we were a bunch of people who knew each other and understood what each said without having to say it. It was pretty nice. We stopped at this restaurant but my little brother kept... uh... triggering military men to come and question what he was doing. I told you it was weird, but it's about to get weirder.

We then decided that we had enough of that, and we instead went to make a deal with the owner of a restaurant that his garden was going to be our settlement. Idk how he accepted because he was completely opposed to the idea, but he took the money anyway, and I then realized who everyone in the group was. The leader was ... Asterix! Had no idea what he was doing here but knowing he was the leader of the gang I was ok with that. Then an assortment of different human characters from other things were here too. I believe Mario was one of us, and... well everyone else I don't even know if they existed, it's like, there was four of us, but it felt like there were a lot more.

And then there was me. And I was Forde! Yes, Fire Emblem Forde! I was in the skin of my favorite character and sure enough, I acted like him and it still sounded like things he'd do or say. And I realized it within the dream so I was pretty happy about it.

But there was a person whose very existence and role in this story solidified the fact that it was all an imaginary dream... because she was supposed to be my girlfriend, so yeah, that moment I kinda had a bit of a snap back to reality. But she wasn't even someone I'd say I have a crush on or not even best video game girl, but she was a character from the same game as Forde. Her name's Tethys, look it up. And she was the group's dancer, as anyone who knows about the character would guess.

And yeah... it was weird... it's like I suddenly knew how to deal with relationships in this dream, because everytime we would get mushy, it was a good time. Oddly enough, I actually ended up really falling in love with her, and I'm pretty sure it was reciprocated. So that's a good thing about this, but it was still weird as hell.

Anyway, the core plot of the dream is that the owner of the restaurant suddenly decided he'd chase us out, and honestly he didn't want us in the first place so why'd he let us in? Anyway, everytime he'd get close, Asterix would punch him in the face and send him flying back into his office like a badass. Without the magic potion. But there were times where the bad guy got a bit crafty and started destroying the ground, and that trapped my "girlfriend" in some floating bookcase. I pushed the books away and saved her many times I actually felt like a hero. Man am I so lucky in these dreams compared to reality.

Other than that, the bad guy never did anything all that dangerous and Asterix would just keep quoting his stories in response to his threats, I loved that. But that's all I remember now. And I probably remember that much because there was so much content crammed into one portion of the dream and that I woke up right as the end of it was approaching, so it's still vivid.

Although the worst part about easily was the fact that I was still aware that I was in love with someone else in real life during the dream so it made things a little awkward. But you know, it was nice anyway. I still reverted back to normal as I got out of the dream, but I liked being Forde, even if he wasn't actually fighting all that much. Anyway, yeah, my dreams are very weird when I happen to remember most of them.

But man is Asterix such a goddamn god. I think LGM would like this post for that.