New MK7 Item: Fireballs

Paper Bowser said:
The items sound awesome. I just hope they don't put Blue Shells in it now to ruin it.

Unfortunately, the Spiny Shell will be coming back.
We don't really have an idea on how frequently the Spiny Shell will appear though.
Paper Bowser said:
They should bring back specail moves from Double Dash. I would like to see Lakitu's one.

They were removed, due to being limited to certain characters. Mario Kart DS made sure that everyone could get any kind of item.
Yoshiwalker said:
Metal Mario was confirmed as a playable character. :S

Where? Didn't see him other than a gray-looking Mario in the background of a screenshot. And after a certain distance, the screenshots really can't be used for much.
Lakitu's signature move would have been the Spinies: You become surrounded by three spiny shells that you can't throw but they spin around you and you can crash into other racers and damage them. If you push the throw button then the Spinies unroll themselves and start walking backwards, damaging people they hit.
New Super Mario said:
If we have Metal Mario, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lubba or a Penguin as a racer!
Well, I don't want Lubba in because 1 SMG character is kinda enough, but I definitely agree with the Penguin. He has no spin-off appearances.