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You may remember last issue of the 'Shroom (Issue 156) there was this weird little section called "SGoW's Declassified Mario Kart Wii Survival Guide", what was that all about? Who's SGoW? What's Mario Kart Wii? Well if you've taken any note of my username, you may in fact realise my name is in fact not Dr. Eggman, it's actually Shy Guy on Wheels, which can abbreviated to SGoW. Such, it is decided. I am now writing a 'Shroom Section about Mario Kart Wii. You know how much I like Mario Kart Wii, it's objectively the greatest game ever made, I even say this in the first edition of this 'Shroom Section that I'm writing, which I implore you to check out, in fact here's a list of the sections so far:

Issue 156 - The Mechanics, The Stats and The Funky Kongs

Good ol' Mr. List, always there when you need him most. Perhaps he can become a recurring character? We'll just have to wait and see. I must forewarn you that this section is Bi-Monthly, so it will take a while to finish. For now, just take some time to learn how to get good at Mario Kart Wii, and to play it competitively, you never know what you might learn.
Oh dear, it appears that didn't go very well did it, let's hope I actually submit more then part of my section this time.

Issue 174: Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX

I will update this OP properly at a later date.
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But where do you post your critiques about my organisation skills? Perhaps I should bring back this thead and use it as a more general shroom sections thread, rather then for that one specific section I never I actually submitted more then one part for.