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  • "hjonk hjonk am goose" - Jacksepticeye
    Anyway, I plan to get Untitled Goose Game for switch, and the reviews are really good. Anybody have some great memories with this game?
    Not sure how THAT warranted a two-year gaming ban. Once, I couldn't use my tablet for a while (became six months) because I was watching the only gaming on it, and was supposed to write 5,000 lines, but my mom shortened it to 2,000. The line was like 10-20 words, and that was during the summer.
    Sir Pentious
    Sir Pentious
    There is a lot more context and a lot of other things that would be difficult to explain here
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    @Sir Pentious Oh boy....I don't think I want to hear about it LOL. Might be reading into it wrong but it sounds like you did a bunch of other bad stuff before that, or something, and stuff kind of added up so that that was the last straw. Or something. I don't know.
    Anybody gonna be part of the Great Maker Games on SMM2? It's being held by a friend of mine, username is ZacsTheMan. Join the competition by commenting on his level. I don't have the code
    I know I've posted more than one status change today, but what should my username be? I'll check ASAP. Here's the choices:
    A Movie Theater
    Fizzle the Movie Theater
    Vote below!
    Me: Starts maining Wario in SSBU, cuz he's got good damage.
    The four tournament first rounders I faced: never lost a stock and kicked my butt
    Me: :(

    (It was a Sepiroth, Kimg Dedede, Fox, then Luigi)
    As KingBowser64 called out in the "what would you say the above user is best known for"
    Anyways, being a Mario's Madness fan
    I'm saying this: I can't believe the quality of the OG content here. Like Turmoil being so well thought through, mechanics and everything (Last Course is one of the best songs) and GB being the way he is. Also, again relating to Golden Land, v2 is a glowup with less simple instrumental and better vocals.
    In March, I'm changing my avatar to just be a Movie Theater, so I won't need to wait to change theming/title. The subtitle will be NOW PLAYING: (current theme), so just letting y'all know. I also deleted my image, misclick, but it's fine.
    Was at the grocery store with my grandma and sister, I started making up lyrics in my head for the faker section of Golden Land. Anybody else do this to other songs where you just make your own lyrics? I don't remember the tune exactly, and I might change them after I get the chance. It rhymes, but not on Line 3/4
    Hello, welcome to my land,
    Don't you think it's golden and grand?
    Even though it remains monochrome,
    It's still great in my eyes.

    (pause while BF sings)

    You still stand?
    Oh, how bland,
    You're just like Christine,
    You wish to see the true GB?

    (pauses for a little, a bit before the long double notes)

    I guess I'll show you the real me...

    [Feel free to steal, but they're bad. Christine is from his creepypasta, Black and White. It gets dark, so I suggest you not read it.]
    I don't know how the tune of that song goes, so I just read them to the tune of The Outside by Taylor Swift because that's what I'm listening to right now, and they sound good lol
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    Woashi, it's a double Yoshi exploshi! (World explodes) It came to my mind for some reason, as I'm a kind of person that enjoys memes.
    Probably should start using a banner. Send me ideas if you want. I've got some ideas.
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    Use a banner with a bunch of Game Boys on it. 😎
    Honestly, that ain't a bad idea. Goes with the theme too.
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
    Retro Nintendo stuff is ALWAYS cool. Trust me.
    Welp, here it is. I'll probably constantly swap between different pictures for the threads. Also, the two periods were to satisfy the character minimum. NO TWO LETTER NAMES HERE :) EDIT: now that I look at it, it looks kinda good...
    Bet y'all didn't know GB and Turmoil are best friends (confirmed by devs, i guess)
    Something new is coming... (in relation of new profile name/pic)
    Look at the picture, true change and name change THIS FRIDAY.
    If someone guesses it, congrats to you.
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    Its gonna be something in relation to Mario's Madness. Something I find funny. Not sure just yet tho (narrator: he knows EXACTLY what he's doing)
    Lol you said it twice
    yep i know. just deleted the copy, as it didnt look like it went through the first time, then appeared after i resent :koopa:
    Literally the only song in my working playlist. Also, for the one in spoiler #2, I dare you to play it at 1.25x
    I went to work with Booster. So be it. I can shoot cannonballs out of my mask now, if that's an upgrade. Also, just saying, Booster's move Loco Express 023 causes a real mess, especially after he starts doing 9,999 damage every turn of Mario's battle. Good thing it doesn't damage enemies.
    So we all know some adults act like children online, but have you ever heard of the opposite, a middleschooler pretending to be an adult? Well, that's me. I was NOT born in 1985, I put that so if there was an age restriction, I wouldn't get in trouble. I just wanted to chat with other people who enjoy video games or anything in general. I was actually born in 2010. I have submitted a HelpDesk request to have this changed. (please no one get mad at me)
    So, I have Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and as I SUCKED playing the three games on the original platforms, I beat all three games in this order: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine. I also went so far to 200% Mario Galaxy, which meant collecting 120 stars as Mario, then 120 more as Luigi, then collecting the bonus star for both after 100% with Luigi, for a total of 242 stars. My favorite three stars? Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, Toy Time Galaxy's Mario Meets Mario, and Ghostly Galaxy's Beware of Bouldergeist. My least favorite? In this order: 3. Bubble Blast Galaxy's The Electric Labyrinth, 2. Loopdeeswoop Galaxy's The Galaxy's Greatest Wave, and 1. Dreadnought Galaxy's Battlestation Purple Coins. That level was a NIGHTMARE, and you had to play it twice too. I must've died hundreds of times, but now I beat it in one go. Sunshine: a bad game in general. 64: Why no BLJ? But still great as the first 3D game.
    3D All-Stars uses the Shindō Pak Taiō version of SM64, a Japanese rerelease of the game from 1997, which, among other things, includes rumble support and removes the BLJ. You can still BLJ with the NSO Expansion Pack though
    I knew that, and I can kind of chain on the old Infinite Stairs that don't move, but it isn't like the clips.
    Send me a Switch Friend Request!

    My code: SW-1905-3228-1897
    My name: Fizzle
    My avatar: A Bubble Flower

    Message below if you send one! I'll accept ASAP!
    I'm a bit shy, like Shy Guy. Favorite game, you ask? Paper Mario: The Origami King's Shy Guy's Finish Last. Will be replaced with Super Mario Bros. Wonder
    Have a nice day :D
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