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    Discord Emojis

    A few suggestions: In terms of what you should remove, imo Dr. Mario, Luma, Samus, Sneeze, and Spear.
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament - CONGRATULATIONS TURBOO AND SATELLITE LOVERS!

    Re: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament - SIGN UPS OPEN!! Solo: UltraMario UltraMario SW-3714-8210-5043 EST
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    Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)

    Antonio Guster so I can learn more about his tragic backstory with Goroh.
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    Smash Bros. Character Merit (Ultimate Edition)

    Re: Smash Bros. Character Merit (Switch Edition) Probably not a very likely character, but how about Chibi-Robo?
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    ITT: Post Mario bootleg

    Incredible. Might just play this just for the heck of it.
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    The discord thread

    I have a Mario series Discord if anyone wants to join.
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Overwatch Been playing it as part of the free weekend deal since I wanted to wait on buying the game as I wasn't sure if it'd run on my computer. I'll probably buy it soon.
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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Re: (RUMOUR) Mario x Rabbids Crossover (Sounds like it's coming) There, now it's a better game.
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    What color are your eyes?

    My eyes are blue, just like :mario:.
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I'm one of the few that doesn't actually hate the car system (at least in terms of Mario Party 9 cuz I haven't played 10 yet). While like others, I still prefer the classic formula, I still think it has some merits to it. For example, you could potentially screw over whoever goes after you by...
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    THIS THRED IS DEEEEEEEED also post chatroom moments

    Context: I accidentally deleted 24 hours of messages from someone I banned. Also why do you have comic sans?
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    The Official Birthday Thread (LIST IN FIRST POST)

    Re: The Official Birthday Thread - 4 - Smg2daisy - 6 - Stooben - 10 - MST3K Happy birthday Threek! :bowjr:
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    krakelak's Art Thread.

    Ohey, that's me! By the way, the reason I requested that was because I requested a similar drawing from Master Crash, except I mixed up the names of Talon and Malon. :P
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    Real-Life Photos

    Haircut I got 2 months ago.
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    Real-Life Photos

    Took this November last year.