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    Undertale (plz click this topic <3)

    What did you think of the ending? I loved it, and I saw that if you do a genocide run and then a pacifist run you get a different ending. It's pretty interesting, actually.
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    Undertale (plz click this topic <3)

    I came from 3 years since my last post (besides a name change) to say that I played through this game for each of the different endings, and I believe that Undertale has one of the best stories in any game that I'd ever played.
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    The official name change log

    Minkt would be good. Might as well change everything since my 3 year absence.
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    Count until a female posts

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    bumped for this:
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    Why are you on Mario Boards?

    am i stupid that i thought that didnt exist anymore
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    Pokemon you don't like that everyone else does.

    says the guy who has a kfc-themed avatar loljk
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    Pokémon and Mario species you like that no one else does

    because baby luigi is an incarnation of arceus i love the goomy and skiddo evolutionary lines gogoat power rangers ftw
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    World of Warcraft

    noticed nobody made a warcraft thread, so here it is World of Warcraft is a fantasy MMO game played by over 5 million people (not all of them have no life). What really brought me to play WoW was the ads for it (*gasp*). Not that Chuck Norris was in their ads or anything... But in all...
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    Pokemon you don't like that everyone else does.

    i hate dark types theyre so dark
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    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

    Mine (both Quilladin and Chesnaught) evolved a gym later than yours lucky duck But seriously, loving this game.