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Large bump, but I just found this video that I saw a while back

I gotta say, it really strikes a chord with me every time I see it, I've never contemplated suicide myself, but have known people who have, and even somebody who has actually committed suicide. It's a dreadful feeling knowing that somebody close to you took their own life.

With my autism, a lot of people (doctors and child specialists among others) were saying that I would have to attend a school for special children, and my parents were worried that I wouldn't get in to my first choice of school. When they met with the head teacher of my primary school, she was so certain that I would fit in with the school and be fine that she personally promised my parents that I would be accepted into the school and get all the help I needed to fit in.

Her work in bringing me to that school meant that I became the person I am today, with generally no issues with my autism. Her promise helped me to graduate from primary school, secondary school, college and university and go on to get a good job, and to be a confident and intelligent man, who wasn't held back by his disability.

Due to a bad Ofsted report a few years back, which concerned a chaotic expansion project gone wrong in the school around the time of the investigation, along with a lot of personal stress and other issues, she took her own life. I never got the chance to thank her since I only heard this story after she died. I never realised how important she was to my life, to the man I am today.

I guess the point is that Suicide affects everyone around you, those that you love, and those that love you. Even if you think that list is small, trust me, it ain't. It's bigger than you think it is. It's worth talking to someone about your problems, and helping to find a better solution, one that won't hurt those around you.

It's probably not the wisest thing I've ever said, and there will be people who disagree with me, but I just wanted to get it off my chest.
Today I was fixing some of the minor flaws people noticed in Hotel Mario for my featured article nomination for it (in this case fixing "easily defeated" descriptions for enemies), this means having to slowly stare at its gameplay.