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Paper Iggy Koopa

King Bowser
I was watching Iggy Koopa animated voice clips (Don't ask)

and it was cool and adorable. but the comments...
People were saying "Iggy's da best", " Iggy's my favorite"
and i found Enn Carbohydrate from Super Mario Wiki
and eveb better...I FOUND MIKE VAUGHN

Mike Vaugn is my favorite Celebrity (I'm pretty sure
that's what he is)

Best. Day. Ever.


King Bowser
Viper26 said:
Really crazy prank in NYC where 3TP wants more YouTube subscribers.
You gotta like 3 Train Pranks. The people of NYC just wanna attack him for his pranks there.

The ending is violent with these guys getting mad at him for trying to break in their car.