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oh there you are peter

...Yeah. The stuff that happens when I play this game.

nicest SFM video i've seen for a while, the animation's p good
So I watched the second half of four part Finding Nemo YouTube Poop, that made me feel like that the city featured is Clock Town from Majora's Mask.

warning: this vid can cause epilepsy or seizures

his whole channel is golden, please check him out

So here's the first video in the Undertale the Musical series. It's incredibly well done and professional for some YouTube videos, and I highly recommend it to any Undertale fan. There's only three songs left until the project is complete.
I'm a new shroom here =3

I'm doing video games covers of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and many games and of course Mario :)

I currently have 5 mario covers

This is the latest released (yesterday) :

If you liked it, here's the full mario playlist :
Hey! I'd recommend to you that you create a thread in Fan Creations, so that you can continually update it every time you create a new cover. These sound great!
I've shown a few people this video already, but I just wanted to post about it again incase no one has seen it. It's a pretty viral video that's a basic cute depiction of a love story.

I also want to post this really silly, random, and funny video that my best friend showed me a few days ago. Thanks Packy for getting me hooked on it!

PS- You'll also want to watch the second video if you're a Marvel fan.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the videos ^^.

I completely agree!!!! ^^ I really hope someone picks up the two creators of this video and helps them make it into some full fledged movie.
Wow, that 'In a Heartbeat' video is great, how have I not seen it? Also, great music.
The commments, however, are just completely vitriolic. I thought people had gotten over that stuff by now.

Its a M&L paper jam video
starlow is freaking rude