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...Yeah. The stuff that happens when I play this game.


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nicest SFM video i've seen for a while, the animation's p good


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So I watched the second half of four part Finding Nemo YouTube Poop, that made me feel like that the city featured is Clock Town from Majora's Mask.

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warning: this vid can cause epilepsy or seizures


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I think one of them I saw most recently was someone cutting various things using a 1000 degree heated knife.


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I'm a new shroom here =3

I'm doing video games covers of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and many games and of course Mario :)

I currently have 5 mario covers

This is the latest released (yesterday) :

If you liked it, here's the full mario playlist :


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I've shown a few people this video already, but I just wanted to post about it again incase no one has seen it. It's a pretty viral video that's a basic cute depiction of a love story.

I also want to post this really silly, random, and funny video that my best friend showed me a few days ago. Thanks Packy for getting me hooked on it!

PS- You'll also want to watch the second video if you're a Marvel fan.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the videos ^^.



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I completely agree!!!! ^^ I really hope someone picks up the two creators of this video and helps them make it into some full fledged movie.

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Wow, that 'In a Heartbeat' video is great, how have I not seen it? Also, great music.
The commments, however, are just completely vitriolic. I thought people had gotten over that stuff by now.