Fading heroines ...?

Which heroine would you hope to make return or new appearance in Mario spin-off or main series?

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King Bowser
Although enjoying these recently new games, some facts are still misgiving
Maybe especially "heroines" while other few heroines are left...


Heroine in DK v.s. Mbros. series.
Maybe some fanarts had argued her "spouse" status of Mario against Peach for a long time, but it is surely unrealistic since she already loses in times of stage, and none of them are Mario's present lover, but a close friendship.
However, it could not only mean Pauline's poor appearances, but her official specific identity in the viewpoint of Mario world. For ex. she's a saleswoman or a bartender in Mushroom Kingdom, while Mario bros. are super plumbers. Not even to tell her detailing personality though we know she's a good guy.
In some points, Pauline's image matches the heroine, early film series KingKong. Her properties of appearance such as sexy and beautiful are different from those princesses. I believe that she has the value of return if Nintendo is willing to make up for her details. Love interest problem? This may be easily solved while other nice singles are in line. (Funky, Waluigi...etc.?)

Candy Kong

Heroine in Donkey Kong series.
Don't spend to much time to argue Pauline against Peach, while Candy is behind her. The present main love interest of Donkey Kong. Properties resembling Pauline, she also shows a sexy appearance and ......fading existence. Maybe she should learn from Peach who is frequently prisoned and waits for a hero, but she did't. Not doing so in her jungle, then no expectation for her to engage Mario spin-offs in Mushroom Kingdom. We could say Dixie sisters are true heroines of DK series (just means the leading female characters).
Though I liked her early appearance with short hair more, which shows a natural femininity, her present looking as a sexy kong is nice, too. Just wait and see the following spin-off and DK R......


Heroine in WarioWare series.
A character I personally love, cheerful highschoolgirl (maybe everyone loves?) who is volunteer to engage different works. Her variable costumes from part-time jobs are also delightful. Basically she is a bit like Daisy, but her easygoing property and status is still very different.
The main problem causing her or her companions can't appear in Mario spin-off is the series background of Diamond City, whether and in what level Mushroom Kingdom shares geographical or diplomatic relation with there. Before it solves, it's hard to expect for the gather of a classical kingdom and a modern city (though there is already advanced technology in Mushroom kingdom.....).

Or we may say, it partially faces how should thes existing branch series go together and detail in the viewpoint of Mario world. From the implicit reference of recent Wii game property, we know Nintendo do emphasize on the past track where Mario series has went on, so fading characters should have chances to raise again. Well, still many interesting heroines are valuable to make returns, such as Captain Syrup, Ashley or Kalypso. Though Mario series is not male-chauvinistic (or no princess can be throned), raising ratio of female characters is still good, or wasting well-designed characters is nonprofitable. Right?

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Captain Syrup and Pauline are honorable mentions.
There are so many chicks in WarioWare. Is Wario dating anyone of them? :P
Vijayashanti as mom-in-law?
CELLULOID MOTHER-IN-LAW, especially the haughty one is hot favourite for the fading heroines and these roles are readily accepted because this role has equal footage along with the hero. Vanisri, Laksmi, Kavitha and Nagma to begin with have done these roles and now the buzz is that Vijayashanthi may soon be seen as the mother-in-law of junior NTR in his forthcoming film, which is being produced by Giri.

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Definitely Captain Syrup. She's pretty much Wario's main rival and one of the potentially more badass female characters in the extended Mario universe.
Well, Wario isn't going out with Mona, but Mona likes him. :P ??? :eek: :eekdance:

Profile Information from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!
Occupation: High School Student
Place of Employment: Sora Sora
Preferred Type: Wild Guys
Bio: This peppy high-school girl keeps up with schoolwork, a part-time job at the restaurant, and her red scooter. For some reason, she's a little smitten with Wario. Ew.
i put pauline and other(rosalina) rosalina is a heroine, in smg she helped mario, without her peach wuld still be captured.
verrrrry slooooowly sheeeee is..... since her debut her roles in games are disapearing,major, unlockable then minor recently she has been in no spinnoffs
Captain Syrup seems to be fading as she only made her reappearance in Wario Land: Shake it. Since then, I believe she has yet to make a return (being that there is yet to be another Wario land game). Characters like Pauline however are actually reviving rather than fading (as seeing the Mario vs DK series).
sorry for late response
some main unclear questions explained here

options in vote were made in a second
so missing some other popular female characters, sorry (KatAna, Goombell etc...)
but it's okay if response as others

MnSG said:
Some of those girls aren't even heroes.
right....it may become generalized for all female characters
but for "true heroine", the three in picture related right

Propeller Toad said:
Captain Syrup seems to be fading as she only made her reappearance in Wario Land
Pauline however are actually reviving rather than fading .
Villain11 said:
Rosalina isn't fading. (Neither are Ashley and Mona)
well, I meant above is in the original series of Mario, the host who belongs to Mushroom Kingdom
such as reply #17 referred
Rosalina needs waiting, since Kart is her only debut spin-off until now

By the way, Warioware should be ongoing since it is still a popular brand of puzzle microgames for Nintendo
at least a new version for 3DS......
Necrobumped after more than 11 years.

I voted for Pauline and Candy Kong in 10 years ago.
Pauline has returned to main Mario game in 2017; Super Mario Odyssey. Since then, she entered to the Mario universe.
Candy Kong still not returned anyway. There's only one new Donkey Kong game released since Returns. Tropical Freeze in 2014. She hasn't appeared in any games since 2007. (Not including Smash's trophy/spirits)
I hope she returned to new Donkey Kong, promoted to be main heroine of series.

There were traces of she became playable in Diddy Kong Pilot.
I hope this vaporware (2001-02) is revived in the Game Boy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online. Similar as Star Fox 2 and Japanese version of the Game & Watch Gallery 4.
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If they're going to return Candy I'd like to see a redesign first. If they can redesign Tiny Kong (and we've also seen better redesigns of Tawna from Crash Bandicoot), they can certainly do Candy. Because if something invokes "Donkey Kong's girlfriend" I imagine a female character whose strength rivals Donkey Kong, not someone that Donkey Kong can snap in half like a twig (but again DK fell for the twiggy Pauline).
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i see no appeal in this conventionally attractive human woman shaped ape (with boobs, also a Human Thing) with a random silly ape face that doesnt even match the faces of the other silly apes bc they had to make her mouth tiny in comparison. uncanny valley as hell
make her a buff lady now were talking
I'd love to see Nintendo utilize Rare's formula of different playable Kongs in every DKC(R).
Pauline's the only rational choice here for Mario Spin-off games, unless we are to say, they swap out non-mario playables (link, inkling, villager) for extended mario characters (Mona, Dixie, Poochy)