Who thinks Whittles should appear in the future? I really like them. If you don't know what they are, they are those wooden like creatures in SMG2
They were king of, a filler if you ask me. I want Lumas in future games
I like the way they talk though. Otherwise, I think Lumas and those Penguins are more interesting, IMO
They always gave me useless advice.
Dark Samus said:
Gearmos > all

Except the one that made you clean the trash and the ones that kill you when you don't have enough Purple Coins...
BabyLuigiOnFire said:
Dark Samus said:
Gearmos > all

Except the one that made you clean the trash and the ones that kill you when you don't have enough Purple Coins...
And the ones that make you burn the boxes, and the ones that want you to bring them enemies, oh, and the ones that apparently claimed to spill their coins down a 360 degree slide.
I found whistles to be interesting actually. Some had square shaped heads, some had triangular shaped heads. I think there cool. Nintendo should make them more animated like the toads or lumas.
Whittles AND Gearmos for the win.

However, I hope for NOE to keep the original spanish translation they used in SMG1, not the watered down one in SMG2. I know nobody cares about this (or even heard of) as I´m speaking about a certain joke specific to my region and language but anyway, Gearmos rock.
Super WaluigiWare said:
How did Gearmos speak in that translation?

Also, I love the Whittles. Their poor speech amuses me.

They gave them an accent particular to Andalucia (south region of Spain which coincidentially is where I´m from) which consists on ommiting several letters while speaking. This accent is commonly associated with the cleaning service maids stereotype of characters, and since Gearmos kind of work like that, it resulted in several funny jokes. The closest example I can give you of that type of character is Superman´s maid in Family Guy, only funnier and much more fast-speaking (although it still won´t make any sense for people who don´t watch Family Guy).

I know it´s an extremely particular joke and english speaking people won´t give a damn about it, but it was very funny and for no damn reason, they made Gearmos speak normally in Galaxy 2, killing all their charm in my version.

I figured I should explain this because I think that there may be some people in this forum who don´t have english as their mother language, and since nintendo is kind enough to localize and translate their games, I thought it would be a nice idea to share it (although there are some fans that can´t stand the translations. Dunno if it´s like that here).
If I didn't create this, I should have posted on it sooner. I freaking LOVE the Whittles! They're so cute, and they're a creative new species to add to the Mario universe!
Parakarrygun88 said:
Were there circle head whistles as well?
I don't recall seeing any circle-headed Whittles, but then again, I haven't played Galaxy 2 in a while (I want to beat Galaxy 1 first before I come back to it).
Gearmos or Lumas are more likely. I like the design of Gearmos, but with the really annoying things they make you do I hate them.