New Female Characters in Next SSB

Who do you want to be in the next game?

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For my 3rd choice I put other. KUMATORA WASN'T ON THE LIST!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
There are two reasons I object to Toad being in the next one: To be in a SSB game, you need to be not only important, but A) interesting, and B) awesome. Toad is neither.

Sorry, Toad, but we're gonna have to ditch you for this one.

First off, this thread is about females, and toad is a male AFAIK. And second of all, toad IS awesome!
LOL, I am still the only person who voted Toadette
Link_Dudette said:
I would love to see Toon Zelda in SSB. By the way, Rosalina is better than :peach: and :daisy: put together.

Lies! All lies!!

Actually, I see it as :peach: and :mario: are perfect for each other; she's a helpless damsel, he's a heroic hero. :luigi: and :daisy: are also made for each other; she's a heroic tomboy, he's a helpless hero.
rosalina should be cross franchaise and get a boy in another franchaise

well i voted daisy,rosalina and toon zelda

whats wrong with having weegee as an assist trophy, its no worse than having ff and dq as characters as the only unlockables on msm *ahem*
Well Rosalina is at the top right now. I voted for her, Amy, and Dixie Kong. Rosalina's Final Smash I bet would be unique if she is going to be in another SSB game.
Looking back on my votes and comments, Amy would be useless. Krystal is fine. Maybe a female Pokémon would work...
Vote for only three... Sucks, but come to think of it, some of the females that I was thinking have appeared in Brawl; cameos and Assist Trophies anyway.

Rosalina, Krystal, and Amy.

Regarding the Pokemon slot, Zoroark's gender ratio is 87.5:12.5, so it has better odds of being male than female. Therefore, it wouldn't really count as a female character.

Strangely, the Zoroark in the 13th Pokemon movie is female, despite the aforementioned gender ratio.
Legend of Lily said:
on topic now..
We are on topic... >_>

Also people are going to hate me for this but I wouldn't mind Midna. If not a character then at least as something that pops up during a final smash or she can be an assist trophy.
superjeff64 said:

She could control the 3 Sinnoh Starters similar to how Pokemon Trainer controls the Kanto Starters.
Except Ivysaur and Charzard weren't the starting pokemon.