Which Mario games have the best and worst boss fights?


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In your opinion, which Mario games have the best and worst boss fights? They don't have to be from games you've played.

For the game with the best boss fights, I'd say Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They're all very unique and the Bowser-related bosses (Kamek, Elite Trio) were cool too. Antasma had a great fight and so did Dreamy Bowser. Other Giant battles are absolutely incredible and very fun too. I will say the gyro controls for the Zeekeeper and Giant Bowser are annoying but I don't mind it as much as when I first played the game.

The game with the worst bosses is obviously Paper Mario Sticker Star. They are stupidly overpowered if you don't have the required "things" to beat them and if you do have it the fight is basically over. At least the bosses in Paper Mario Color Splash had some normal fighting and were much more interesting, even though you still need the right "things" (although it's much more clear on what you need).

I will say that Super Mario Bros. Wonder has disappointing boss fights because they're mostly just Bowser Jr. with little changes in the battles. Just think of it as an honorable mention.
In your opinion, which Mario games have the best and worst boss fights? They don't have to be from games you've played.
The Best Ones in My Opinion are a 5 way Tie Between Bowsers Inside Story Partners In Time The Thousand Year Door Super Mario Rpg and super Mario Bros 2 because all of them have unique designs for the bosses and how you fight them and Half of the time they fist with the theme of the game and when makeing up Boss designs for my Rpg I hope to make I always look at these games
But The worst ones in my opinion are a tie between Wonder and Super Mario Bros Wii Both are Kinda Forgettable and while some of the wii fights are fun some get kinda stale and Mario wonder you know why
Hard to pick out the best overall but I like how the bosses in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are designed, especially with Rabbid Kong and Phantom's gimmicks on needing to do a certain task before you can take them down (dropping the bananas and dashing the lights respectively). Bowser's Fury may have my favorite battles against Bowser.

I thought the boss lineup in Super Mario 3D Land is a bit lame as you fight Boom Boom and Pom Pom over again with only differences being the arena. I was also disappointed with the boss lineup in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, even Yohane the Parhelion: Blaze in the Deep Blue (which ties with Wonder for my favorite 2023 game) had a much better boss lineup.
My favorite boss fight from a Mario game? Ummmmmmmmm...

In terms of Mario RPGs, that has to be the second phase of the Elder Princess Shroob battle. Basically fighting a giant ass alien monster but with a very melancholic melody in the background. I love it.


In Mario platformers...


I mean I like the train sound effects for the agitated Chain Chomp


Kingfin has a nice atmosphere to it I guess


Worst bosses? Super Mario Galaxy 2 the final Bowser's fight easily. The Bowser Jr. fights in NSMBDS are also dreadful since he easily gets killed by fireballs (almost everything in that game dies to fireball spam).
My favorite fight in Mario might have to be Bowser in Odyssey because you get to punch Bowser in the crotch. You feel like a total badass, you get to punch Bowser to the fences, AND you can rock a dress. This fight beats the other 3D platformer ones handily.


I don't know if you can even call the fight in Fluff Puff Peaks Flying Battleship Super Mario Bros. Wonder a boss fight since it's one of THE most anti climatic fight in the series, like never have I was so amazed at the inept design of this, how all the telegraphed obstacles are easily dodged (the crusher even lines up in your favor if you make a dash for the thing; watch the first crusher though it kind of blends in), the bob ombs pose no threat, and how this fight abruptly ends when you hit a switch (most players, including me, that I've seen that completed this level were going "wow that's it???") ever since Super Mario Galaxy 2's final fight. Is it cheating to call this a boss fight???? Is it a boss fight or not?? There's probably no other fights in the series where I'm even questioning this, so this has to be the worst boss fight?