Mario Wii U Games VS Switch Games


From 2012 To 2017, Nintendo Made Games For The Wii U (obviously) And In 2017, Was Replaced By Its Successor, The Switch. But I Personally Prefer The Wii U To The Switch. The Charm Of The Wii U Is Unmatched Compared To The Switch. So, Heres My Opinion On Whether Games On The Switch Or Wii U Are Better. (Also, I'm Not Comparing Mario Kart 8 To Mario Kart 8 Deluxe For... Obvious Reasons)
1. Super Mario Maker (Wii U) VS Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch). Opinion: Super Mario Maker Because Of Free Online Features (Even Though Online Features Are Getting Shutdown Permanently In April) But Pretendo Should Fix That Issue.
2. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) VS Super Mario Bros Wonder (Switch). Opinion: This Is A Hard Decision. Both Have Good Features Of Their Own But They Are Either Exactly The Same Or The Cons Add Up To Some Pros And Vice Versa. E.G: Both Don't Have Good Repeatability But Are Both Fun To Play And Have Charm. But For This One, I Have To Go With Super Mario Bros Wonder (Switch).
3. Mario Party 10 (Wii U) VS Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Opinion: I LOVE Mario Odyssey. I Got The Game Around July 2019 And It Was Great. But I Didn't Beat The Game Until 2021. And I Have Grinded The Game For 2 Years. Its Simple To Learn, Hard To Master. The Game Is Genius, I Love It. And (atleast against mario party 10) The Game Is An Absolute 10/10.
4. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) VS Mario Kart: Home Circuit (Switch) Opinion: Im Just Gonna Say It, Home Circuit Is Kinda Annoying To Use And Play. First Of All, The Connection Is Kinda Poor. That Might Just Be My Wifi, But I Cant Get It In To The Hallway A Room Away Without Issues. Also, Even If You Can Still See Where It Is On The Screen, You Still Have To Follow It Around Because Once Its Stuck, You Have To Physically Get It Out. Whilst, Mario Kart 8 Is Just Regular Mario Kart But With Some Quality Of Life Features And Some New Stuff (Such As Amiibo Compatablility). So I Prefer Mario Kart 8 For Wii U. Anyways, Post Your Opinions On These Games In The Replies. This Is My First Post And I'm Posting This On New Years Eve, So I Hope You Had A Wonderous Year And I Cant Wait To See What 2024 Greets Us With!
okay i'd rather you don't use any cases at all because this is frankly unreadable

but as for the topic at hand

mkdx >>>>> mk8

captain toad treasure tracker switch >>>>> wii u

super mario bros. wonder >> nsmbu

and that's it i guess

Mario Tennis Aces > Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Yeah, there is just no defending Ultra Smash...

Mario Party 10 = Mario Party Superstars??
I dunno...I have a lot of nostalgia for 10 since it came out at a time when my life was going great and I really miss those days...Plus I did really enjoy playing the game with my cousin in Summer 2016 and in 2017.
Superstars was really fun for a while when I played the online with some people on Discord a few months back. But then I became too competitive and the game made me act toxic which I didn't like, so I've quit playing it...

The Switch also has Luigi's Mansion 3 and will be getting a port of Dark Moon, while the Wii U didn't have anything Luigi's Mansion related.

Also, I'm not sure if I really do prefer Wonder over NSMBU?? What I like about Wonder are the visuals because it is a very pretty looking game, and also playable Peach. But I think that NSMBU had the better levels and secrets?? The only problem with NSMBU is that it's stuck with the generic themes (grass world, desert world, beach world, etc.) that most 2D Mario games have. But give NSMBU the visuals that Wonder had, and it would be the better game, I bet. Also, Wonder included playable Daisy and now I fear that we may have to see this b**** in more mainline Mario games. Why...
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they both have dkc tropical freeze so they're both winners, it's a tie
OK but why would you compare Super Mario 3D World to Super Mario Bros Wonder and not like Super Mario Odyssey? I dunno it just feels weird to compare a 3D Mario game to a 2D one.

(Also the Switch is the better console for Mario games just cause you can play basically all the Wii U Mario games on it and it won't brick itself if you don't use it and it's not a slow POS of a console)