Drawing a character every day

Hop Pop

I have a problem
Day 1
Vigilante from Pizza Tower


Full image
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Day 2
Finn Mertens from Adventure Time (Fionna and Cake design)

Was waffling between what eye design to use for him, and ended up just doing pretty much the same as the original show's style. He looked kind of weird with the anime-ish eyes I use for most of my characters.
Decided to draw him cause I really like his fit in this show. It's got a nice vibe to it

Do you take suggestions?
i mean, if you want to, sure, but i'm just going to draw whatever i feel like
which means most of your random cartoon characters from shows i'm not into are off the table
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Day 9 (real)


Professor Layton
Luke tomorrow (probably) to close out the first row with another pair

Professor Layton fans in the chat rise up

Sorry for not doing much over the past few days I've been working on an issue 200 thing. It includes a lot of drawings which I'll probably post in this thread once it's all said and done.