Issue 200: Community Suggested Stories


The Mightiest Mario
Poll Committee
Hello! For Issue 200, I'm looking for not one, not two, but THREE mini adventures for the boards' favorite couple Cayde and Zerris! These mini ideas will be suggested by you, the community, to make my Issue 200 submission special.

Your ideas format:

Title (ex.: A Friendly Game)
Plot synopsis (ex.: Cayde and Zerris play Monopoly, but the game takes humorous turns)
Special guest(s) (if you want to appear in the story or suggest a character to appear) (ex.: Waluigi Time, Garfield the Cat)

You may submit just one or multiple ideas of all kinds! Maybe a genre shift? Poem? Alternate universes? All you need is an imagination!

You have until to submit your story ideas. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Three stories will be chosen the day after the due date and will be announced in the thread.

Happy Issue 200!
looks like i thought of another one

Pressing Matters
Cayde and Zerris get put in charge of The 'Shroom for a day somehow (maybe it's a dream?) and have to supervise an issue release.
Special guests: Any 'Shroom staff (you should probably get permission first though, you can use WT if you want)
Title: The Show Must Go On.

Synopsis: Cayde and Zerris earn the lead roles in a theatre production. However, Cayde soon gets stage fright after a rehearsal goes poorly backstage. Zerris and the others must reignite her enthusiasim before the first live show begins.