Whats your favorite Mario Party?


Play Mario Party 7 or else
I love MP7, might be my one of my favorite video games
I love Mario Party 9 and it might in fact be my favourite, I understand why it's unpopular but I think it's incredibly funny and enjoyable. Though I have a soft spot for Mario Party DS too.
Mario Party 8 is my favorite, though I also like DS, Island Tour, Star Rush, SMP, and Superstars.
Without a doubt, 6 is my favorite. It was the first Mario Party I owned, so I really got the chance to dive into everything it has to offer. I love the day/night mechanic, and the orbs feel so much more refined here than they are in 5. The boards offer some great variety as well. I wish that Mario Party Superstars picked some better minigames from 6, because it's a solid lineup there too although Trap Ease Artist does indeed suck. There's even a goofy game show mode with the Mic! I could go on but that's all of the major points I'd say.
Before Superstars came out, I considered Mario Party 10 to be my favorite because of all the good memories I had playing that game. Nowadays, I won't play anything other than Superstars and maybe Super (only with other people though) because they're the most recent ones...
i have a lot of memories of MPDS, MP9, and MP7, so those are my top 3 favs for sure, especially 7, which is actually my favorite Mario game/game in general of all time
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I think MP10 gets too much hate, the 3DS/WiiU Era was very underrated and had a lot of classics in there, sure there were some stinkers (f___ Ultra Smash tbh) but still awesome
My favorites are Mario Party 2, Mario Party 5, and Mario Party 6. (Not in any particular order). Although 2-7 could all be considered my favorites.

Mario Party DS was also great in multiplayer. (If only it was easy to do multiplayer on emulators).
it's 6


playable toadette

best duel minigames

best duel system before it got neutered in 7 and onward

last game where you can take control of the cpu and do cpu only matches
I'm definitely not as well-versed in Mario Party games as I'd like to be, but Mario Party DS will always have a special spot in my heart. The memories :')
I like Super Mario Party, the games were fun and my main was Shy guy, his dice is all Fours, Unfortunately me and my brothers can no longer play because of joy con drift.