What are Some overrated Mario Games

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The real question is: why do you consider those games to be overrated? The best way to start a topic like this is to give your opinion on the matter because of the very open-ended nature of calling something "overrated". All you did is to show games that are lauded for one reason or another, which I should point out are deserving of praise, even if they aren't necessarily the most perfect games in the world. After all, I don't believe those games were rated "perfect" across publications anyway, so the consensus is that those games are great, but not the most flawless thing ever.

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I am the most overrated Mario game.
yeah the most flawless thing ever is mario & luigi partners in time
I actually see Partners in Time as overrated due to it being more linear than Bowser's Inside Story, plus I preferred permanently keeping moves in BiS.
I mean I personally highly rate it for very subtle reasons I will not disclose.
I mean I personally highly rate it for very subtle reasons I will not disclose.
That's okay, don't EVER feel pushed to bring up personal topics you don't feel okay talking about
Super Mario 64 for 3D Mario platformers

Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash for Mario Kart games

Mario Party 1, 2, 6, and Super Mario Party for the Mario Party series. ESPECIALLY Super Mario Party

Super Mario Bros. (1) on NES for 2D Mario
All Mario Parties are awesome, I respect your opinion but I Personally think every one is great..yes even 10 (The HD Graphics add a hint of realism to the series and minigames arent bad) and Top 100 (Minigames are great and they chose some great ones, and I like how you can just go right into them)
I think the original paper mario is the best one, of course ttyd is up there but paper mario 64 is a little bit better
also partners in time was my first game EVER so i have a bunch of nostalgia for it
on a more serious note I frankly find the notion of something being overrated a bit silly. A piece of media having a ceiling on how much praise it "deserves" just isn't something I can take seriously at all, even if there are debatably some objective metrics for rating things. Like I despise ttyd more than anything and I do think it has a multitude of issues that do not get enough attention but it would be asinine of me to think it deserves a negative amount of fans, but conversely that it even deserves fans at all.

all a game deserves is a chance to be fairly evaluated by the consumer is my take on the matter.
Mario world. It is a great game but 3 was better. (The cape is cool I guess)

neither can compare to the utter masterpiece that is super mario bros. 2 specifically the advance remake
I will give SMB2 that it at least does something different
But when I played it on my 3DS almost a decade ago it was a bit grating to play
Super Mario Galaxy 2

I don't understand how people would be so quick to call this AS great as the first Galaxy, or even BETTER than the first Galaxy.

So we can give Madden flack for being so copy paste, and lacking any real innovation in the series, but when Galaxy 2 does it…that gets a pass?

The level design is too familiar to the point where it feels like they just used the same levels but in reverse, and half the music just feels like a tweaked version of the first game. The only music in the game that stands out are Sky Station, Bowser's Galaxy Generator and the final Bowser Battle. Speaking o which, the Bowser fight can be beaten in less than 30 seconds. I'm not acting as if every Bowser fight are the greatest aspects of a Mario game, but this fight was just so bland and so easy it felt like there was no effort into that fight.

The story is so…stupid. Now it's practically illegal to expect a Mario game to have David Cage level of quality writing in a video game, I get that, but I expect a story that makes me think "Yes. This is worthy of being in an open world 3D Mario game." And while I think Sunshine's plot is worse, they managed to make it feel like something that makes Sunshine a grand Mario game. Galaxy 2's plot is so ridiculously dumb, it feels like it belongs in another copy paste New Super Mario Bros title. In fact, that's what this game should have been called: New Super Mario Bros 3D.