Why did you choose your current avatar?

I need reputation Taylor's version so I made a pfp with my character for it

I should make one for the tortured poets department
waaaay back in the day, we used to change our PFP all the time to whatever interested us the most at that moment. one time, we set it to a slightly modified version of the boxart to chu-teng, an at-the-time recently rescued piece of former lost media that caught our fancy after learning about its prequel, eastern mind.

...and then we just never got the urge to change our PFP ever again, and Osamu Sato's works have been an ambient passion of ours ever since. fun fact, this is more than just a crop job--the game's logo is further away in the actual box-art too! this has also led more than a few people to assume Nanshu's head (the guy in the center) is like. My own persona. he's not. not even close. ;P
Cause I like the song from the cover art my mammoth friend is on, and (for some reason) I thought it would make a good pfp on here. I remember the idea came upon me randomly, and I had to write it down on my fone