Ranking The Mario Kart Wii Cups and Tracks


Koopa Troopa
In this thread, I will rank all cups and tracks from Mario Kart Wii.

32nd: Wario's Gold Mine (Flower Cup, +1)

31st: SNES Mario Circuit 3 (Lightning Cup, +2)

30th: DS Yoshi Falls (Shell Cup, +3)

29th: DS Desert Hills (Leaf Cup, +4)

28th: Luigi Circuit (Mushroom Cup, +5)

27th: N64 Mario Raceway (Shell Cup, +6)

26th: N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (Leaf Cup, +7)

25th: GCN Mario Circuit (Leaf Cup, +8)

24th: Mario Circuit (Flower Cup, +9)

23rd: GBA Shy Guy Beach (Banana Cup, +10)

22nd: Moo Moo Meadows (Mushroom Cup, +11)

21st: Daisy Circuit (Star Cup, +12)

20th: SNES Ghost Valley 2 (Shell Cup, +13)

19th: N64 Sherbet Land (Banana Cup, +14)

18th: DS Peach Gardens (Lightning Cup, +15)

17th: Dry Dry Ruins (Special Cup, +16)

16th: GCN Peach Beach (Shell Cup, +17)

15th: N64 Bowser's Castle (Lightning Cup, +18)

14th: GBA Bowser Castle 3 (Leaf Cup, +19)

13th: DS Delfino Square (Banana Cup, +20)

12th: Mushroom Gorge (Mushroom Cup, +21)

11th: GCN Waluigi Stadium (Banana Cup, +22)

10th: Toad's Factory (Mushroom Cup, +23)

9th: GCN DK Mountain (Lightning Cup, +24)

8th: DK Summit (Flower Cup, +25)

7th: Maple Treeway (Star Cup, +26)

6th: Grumble Volcano (Star Cup, +27)

5th: Coconut Mall (Flower Cup, +28)

4th: Moonview Highway (Special Cup, +29)

3rd: Koopa Cape (Star Cup, +30)

2nd: Rainbow Road (Special Cup, +31)

1st: Bowser's Castle (Special Cup, +32)

Totals For Each Cup:
Mushroom: 60 Points (Average: 15)
Flower: 63 Points (Average: 15.75)
Star: 95 Points (Average: 23.75)
Special: 109 Points (Average: 27.25)
Shell: 39 Points (Average: 9.75)
Banana: 66 Points (Average: 16.50)
Leaf: 38 Points (Average: 9.50)
Lightning: 59 Points (Average: 14.75)

8th: Leaf Cup
SuperLeaf 3D.png

Best Track: GBA Bowser Castle 3 (14th)
Worst Track: DS Desert Hills (29th)
Total: 38
Average: 9.5

The Leaf Cup is IMO the most underwhelming cup in the game. DS Desert Hills is boring, and N64 DK's Jungle Parkway and GCN Mario Circuit are mediocre. However, GBA Bowser Castle 3 is pretty good.

7th: Shell Cup

Best Track: GCN Peach Beach (16th)
Worst Track: DS Yoshi Falls (30th)
Total: 39
Average: 9.75

The Shell Cup is basically the Leaf Cup, but less underwhelming. DS Yoshi Falls is boring, N64 Mario Raceway is mediocre, SNES Ghost Valley 2 is decent, and GCN Peach Beach is pretty good.

6th: Lightning Cup
Glowless Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart Wii.png

Best Track: GCN DK Mountain (9th)
Worst Track: SNES Mario Circuit 3 (31st)
Total: 59
Average: 14.75

The Lightning Cup starts us off with the boring SNES Mario Circuit 3,

5th: Mushroom Cup

Best Track: Toad's Factory (10th)
Worst Track: Luigi Circuit (28th)
Total: 60
Average: 15

The Mushroom Cup starts with the boring track that is Luigi Circuit, but it's all uphill from here. Moo Moo Meadows is decent, and Mushroom Gorge and Toad's Factory are great.

4th: Flower Cup

Best Track: Coconut Mall (5th)
Worst Track: Wario's Gold Mine (32nd)
Total: 63
Average: 15.75

The Flower Cup starts with the average Mario Circuit, but reaches its peak with Coconut Mall and DK Summit. Unfortunately, Wario's Gold Mine, the worst track in not just Mario Kart Wii but also the entire series, is the reason why this cup doesn't get into the top 3. That track is downright annoying, and if you hit a minecart, you will fall off the track, and your race will basically be over. Also, it's too difficult for the Flower Cup.
3rd: Banana Cup
Banana - Mario Kart Wii.png

Best Track: GCN Waluigi Stadium (11th)
Worst Track: GBA Shy Guy Beach (23rd)
Total: 66
Average: 16.5

The Banana Cup features a solid track selection. N64 Sherbet Land is pretty good, GBA Shy Guy Beach is decent, and DS Delfino Square and GCN Waluigi Stadium are great.
2nd: Star Cup

Best Track: Koopa Cape (3rd)
Worst Track: Daisy Circuit (21st)
Total: 95
Average: 23.75

Like the Banana Cup, the Star Cup features a good selection. While Daisy Circuit is decent, it doesn't compare to the other three tracks. Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, and Grumble Volcano are timeless classics.

1st: Special Cup
Special Crown - Mario Kart Wii.png

Best Track: Bowser's Castle (1st)
Worst Track: Dry Dry Ruins (17th)
Total: 109
Average: 27.25

The Special Cup is a step up from the Star Cup. It starts off with Dry Dry Ruins, a desert track that is actually good. Moonview Highway is an absolute banger, and Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road are the best tracks in the game.
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