Worst levels in Mario games

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I like the more puzzle-oriented direction Ghost Houses tend to take. I never found a ghost house boring, although some are confusing or just rely on trial and error (those are not my favorite factoring Star Coins and time limit that add to the annoyance).

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The thread is filled with complaints about Sunshine because underneath those pesky, sometimes game-breaking defects lies a brilliant game that people like to remember and discuss.
What Sunshine needs is a sequel. I'd be up for a Sunshine 2 if they fix those problems the OG Sunshine had and maybe changed up the controls to be less clunky. The Blue Coins were a nice concept but they should be a reward in of themselves like a Power Moon rather than a currency or at least the game should've been clear where they're hiding and how many are in a level rather than play guesswork like an asshole. Also, give us playable Luigi, why not.

BTW people piss a lot on the trash clearing levels in Galaxy. I hated them too, but the bombs taking forever to explode isn't a commonly cited issue with the minigame (even though it certainly is and runs against the strict timer). A good tip is that you can touch a bob-omb while holding one, and it'll set off automatically, so by the time you throw a bomb and hopefully aim correctly, another one will be available, and it'll take less time to blow up and that'll shave precious seconds.

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there's TWO of those missions in galaxy, and that's especially insulting

Whatever that one in yoshi's island where your being chased by a giant chain chomp, I forgot the name
there's a lot of levels in yoshi's island games where you get chased by a chomp shark, but the chomp shark one in Chomp Rock Challenge in Yoshi's New Island is particularly annoying because there are flowers and red coins to throw eggs while you're running, and you can easily die. thank fucking god you can do 100% without needing to collect every single item because otherwise, doing that all in one run is tedious as hell, especially since if you die, you start at the minimum stars at the checkpoint!